Burned Pizza

This story I’m about to share is a real shame. Thanks to Jose Alfredo Gonzalez for posting a link on Facebook, which can be read entirely by clicking here.

vodka sauce

Polito’s a beloved restaurant for domers and South Bend townies alike burned down! The cause of the fire, according to the WNDU article is unknown, and no was was killed or injured. This, of course, is not good news to the soon to arrive students, as Polito’s was a quite popular destination for RA’s section dinners. Also, many students (my self included) would take their parents there to have a meal, as it was a unique South Bend entity (and not another average restaurant chain!). It most often served as a nice guys night out place (when we were motivated enough to ACTUALLY venture out into the real world for dinner at a decent hour) as they had excellent pizza, and cheap beer. Perhaps Polito’s most endearing item on the menu HAS to be their homemade Vodka Sauce!. It pretty much went with anything, but really hit the spot on pizza crust. I was looking forward to hitting up Polito’s when I went back to visit! What a shame!


3 Responses

  1. RIP Polito’s đŸ˜¦

  2. We will be re opening soon (target date of Sept 5th)!!! The new location is 401 North Hickory Rd South Bend, IN 46615. 574-243-5385. Same hours same great food! We should have a web site up and running in about 1 more week. At the new location we will have a 10% student discount with vaild student ID, as well as wi-fi availability and wine!

  3. […] The heap Exclusive Update: Polito’s to Open in September 28 08 2008 This one is for all you University of Notre Dame Alumni who are returning to the South Bend area this Fall for a football game, or for you heapsters. who are lucky enough to still be going there! I received a comment from Polito’s owners! They were kind enough to share the new pertinent information on the contacts as well as the new location for Polito’s! If you haven’t the clue of what I’m talking about or you can’t remember, refresh your memory here: Burned Pizza […]

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