“Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music…”

Another weekend, another family outing to the Patel Conservatory to see more random performances. At least this time my mother was actually partaking in the action, as it was the recital for her adult flamenco class. In fact, it was the Adult Student Showcase for Summer 2008, the recital for all of the adult classes at the Patel Conservatory. As usual (and as you can see) it was a packed house, an official sell out!


Not only was it sold out, but they were turning away people at the door! They made an announcement to see if there were any extra tickets in the crowd (which we had 2), and told us there were people who weren’t able to enter the show! My favorite overhead comment from the dude in front of me? “Man, these tickets are hotter than the damn Superbowl haha!” Agreed.


So the show began with a cute ballet sequence, and was followed by a piece on pointe by the three most advanced students. In between, there was a singing duet, a rendition of one of the main songs from a musical called “Sideshow,” which is apparently about the experiences of Siamese twins. After the pointe piece, the three classes of Adult Tap performed individual pieces alongside their instructor, Kyle White. As you can expect, the tap performances were accompanied by various ragtime music pieces, and it really got the crowd into it. If that didn’t accomplish the feat, the musical theatre performance certainly did. They performed (singing and dancing) Age of Aquarius, and you could hear many adults singing along , including my grandfather!

Then of course came what WE went to see, the flamenco dancers. They were introduced by their instructor, Curra Alba


Then, out came the dancers, and of course, mom, in their black and white flamenco attire, cleverly adorned with ravishingly ostentatious red scarves.


And of course, the star of the show! (What good photography by yours truly!)


I even have videos of the performance! Please check them out! You can hear the crowd going crazy and clapping and cheering!!!

Here is some scarves action

And of course, castanuelas!

Gettin down to some Gypsy Kings!

Taking their bows!

The show closed with a performance by the Voice Ensemble, who jazzed up “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and two other pieces. The Hip Hop performance was stellar, as the class came out wearing masks like the popular dancing crew on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, JabbaWockeeZ. And to close it out, a dance in the contemporary / modern style.

The quote of the night goes to my mom… (She always has the best things to say pretty much about everything). She explained that even as we grow up, we need to find something to do… something that isn’t work, that lets you escape for those two hours a week… something that teaches you about something, and about yourself… Well said mom. Well said. I can only hope that I one day find my true passion, or at least have the courage to step out of my comfort zone like that. Congrats to all the performers, and of course, Mom! We are so proud here at…


“It was a pleasure to burn.”

Fahrenheit 451

For many fans of Ray Bradbury, this line resonates (and perhaps continues to resonate anytime they see a book) in the minds and hearts of all who contemplate the future of published literature, especially with the current explosion of growth of paperless technology. The opening line of Fahrenheit 451 eeriely introduces the destruction of books, and leaves an indeliable implication of future. One of my favorite books. The movie version, made in 1966, starring Oskar Werner and Julie Christie… not so much. THANKFULLY, (I happened to stumble upon this, because I wondered the rating of the 1966 movie which you can read about here) they are remaking it! I am definitely curious how it will turn out with today’s creativity and technology, as well as acting talent. It is slated for a 2010 release, and you can keep up with it on the Fahrenheit 451 (2010) page.

Of course, what REALLY sparked my interest was a list a found on Yahoo: Top 30 Sci-Fi Films of All Time.

If you check it out, there are some really surprising choices (as well as sci-fi staples). What really baffled me was the positioning of some of the choices, as well as obvious films which weren’t included. In the upcoming days, Chaz, the movie expert of the heap. and myself will try to right the wrong, and come up wth our own list, so make sure you come back! And if you want, leave a comment about movies that you want to see on the list, feel shouldn’t be on the list, or about the positioning of movies on the list!


Hurricane’s a Comin’ I


Well, this update will primarily affect all you Florida heapsters. out there. I know that here in Tampa we has a history of being teased by hurricanes. We all remember the numerous “hurricane days” we’ve had like in high school, only to have perhaps some of the most perfect weather of the summer. I really don’t think that will be the case this time around. So if you are on the bottom half of the peninsula (primarily the keys or west coast), you might want to check out you local news source’s website, or flip on your tv for updates.
Here is Tampa’s source: TBO.com.
Here is the National Hurricane Center.


Here’s a nice map detailing the oncoming threat. I’m technically not under an advisory yet, but I’m sure that will change in the next 12 hours or so. This is the 11 am advisory, and new ones come out every three hours. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be a manic updater on this, I mean, it is gorgeous today! An I mean, I won’t have to do the trash for a day (probably tuesday)! But, as things change, I’ll keep you all posted.