Bouncing Back


The Citrus Park boys are into the American Semifinals after ultimately blowing past Shelton Connecticut 8-2 in 7 innings. After a resounding offensive showing against Rapid City, South Dakota, the Citrus Park All-stars have struggled to flex the same offensive muscle, as Hawaii took care of them with a convincing 10-2. They struggled getting runs again against Connecticut, in what proved to be an elimination game. Going into the top half of the 6th inning, CPLL actually trailed 2-1 and were down to their last two outs. But thanks to a solo home run by Kevin Merrell, the boys were given the opportunity to go to extra innings. They wasted no time in capitalizing on their new life, as they scored six runs in the top of the seventh, delivering an authoritative challenge to Connecticut, as to say, “Beat us now!” What a display of heart by these youngsters! Their opponent on Thursday is TBD, as the Pool A bracket is wide open! I’ll update tonight with who they play! Tune in at 8pm on Thursday to see if our boys can move on to the US final!


Rock Band Release Tuesday


It’s Tuesday, and that means…
New DLC for Rock Band. Today, 5 new songs were released, and I’m sad to say that they aren’t really recognizable to me! Nevertheless, we’ll tell you what the songs are, and who sings them! After last week’s release of extremely difficult songs, Harmonix has given us a temporary break! Two of the songs are by the band Devo. Yes, THAT band which sings the song “Whip it,” which unfortunately is not part of the DLC. Instead, the songs are “Through Being Cool” and “Girl You Want” (Tier 3 band). Also from the realm of the 80’s comes Duran Duran with “Rio” and “Girls on Film” (Tier 4 Band). And Lastly, a 99 cent song by a band called The Janitors called “Get Your Rock On” (Tier 2 Band).

Here’s the Drums to “Girls on Film” It looks fun, and certainly more doable than last week!

And in keeping with the Girl theme, Devo’s “Girl U Want” on Guitar. Gets pretty repetitive and over all the chart is easy. Vocals sound like they could pose a problem though!