Entertainment Briefs


An event years and gimmicks in the making, someone has FINALLY won a million dollars on NBC’s Deal Or No Deal. Seriously, after introducing amounts as high as like 5 million, using cars, Q-Tips, and other random (but applicable to the contestant) prizes, the only thing left was for someone to FINALLY pick that Million Dollar Case. So at long last, Jessica Robinson of Texas, (who was pregnant and revealed the gender of her baby to her husband in one of the cases) finally beat the odds, faced the ups and downs of opening other cases with a million, and was actually RIGHT about possessing the million dollar case. Hopefully all of the excitement/ stress/ jumping around didn’t cause some sort of a miscarriage or whatever. In any case, congrats to her! Here’s a clip of the winning moment!


And on a more sad note, Don LaFontaine died today! He was 68 years old. Let me guess, the name might not ring a bell… but his voice… the voice we’ve heard thousands of times in commercials and movie trailers… the voice we ALL have tried to imitate, will always live on in our minds and in the trailers of our favorite movies. Of course, you might remember who he is because of a recent Geico commercial he did! Here’s the clip.

And here’s a little 5 minute interview with him. It’s pretty funny and interesting. His real voice sounds nothing like what we hear! Check it out!


We are still pretty peeved here at the heap. after hearing about the latest news from our home away from home, Dillon Hall. The signature event of the dorm, the Dillon Hall Pep Rally, which offers the student body the first true sense of community at Notre Dame (well, second, if you count Mass/picnic on the first day of classes!) has been


for this year! I am really really shocked. The DHPR is often one of the most anticipated events on campus. The lure of the teenwolf(wolves) successfully draws our female counterparts to the event (which sadly isn’t done anymore either!), and it is often talked about during Freshman Orientation… everyone wanting to know what it’s all about. Perhaps the preseason laughs weren’t needed this year. I guess the opponent (San Diego State) takes care of that without a word being uttered from the script. I won’t speculate why the event was cancelled, but it MIGHT or MIGHT NOT have to do with differences between dorm government and rector… or as I see it, a strife between religious figures (a la Jesus vs. Buddha). Thanks again to correspondent PV for sending the link to The Observer article, which unsurprisingly, tells you absolutely nothing. Check it out here: Dillon Cancels Pep Rally.

And I’ll leave you all with two clips. First, here’s one produced by Notre Dame Student Activities, as an informational piece on the Dillon Pep Rally. It was filmed during last year’s performance, as they interview former Dillon Hall President Taylor Montgomery… and also you know it’s 2007 because the freshman DROPPED Father Doyle!

And lastly, the DHPR would be nothing without yearly participant Crackhead! His true origins are mostly unknown… but he comes back every year to talk about how great America is, and to of course, break plates on his forehead to techno… followed by a thrilling dive into the crowd.


Rock Band Release Tuesday


Another Tuesday, another set of songs available for play on Rock Band! Though I must admit, these last two weeks have been a bit disappointing. And let’s not even get started on last weeks Rush fiasco. I’m sorry for not updating you all on that, but I figured I would just wait until Tuesday, and really, I just liked the video of Rush actually playing the game! It turns out that Rush’s album Moving Pictures was NOT able to be released due to some technical glitches. So in return, later last week, Activision released three songs by a band called Locksley. The three songs are named All Over Again, She Does, and Don’t Make Me Wait. Here’s a clip of the guitar part from “All Over Again.” The song sounds pretty chill. I like the sound of it! The guitar part is pretty simple though… just one of those songs you don’t have to worry about when you play together!

Here’s the drums from “She Does.” They sound kind of like Jet. It’s pretty decent I think.

And now for this week. This week’s pack is called the PAX 2008 Collection, for Penny Arcade Expo. Three more songs were released, Skullcrusher Mountain by Jonathan Coulton, Livin’ on the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe by MC Frontalot featuring Brad Sucks and Shhh… by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. Sound like winners to me… Well in all seriousness. Let check a few of these out. The first clip is of the guitar part of “Skullcrusher Mountain.” It’s definitely NOT what you expect. The lyrics are kinda strange, and it almost turns into a country song. SO weird.

Here’s the drums to “Livin’ on the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe” It’s pretty catchy. The drums part is pretty solid too.

And for good measure the bass part of “Shhh…”