Heapsters! Just want to give a run down of what should be goin on in the next days or so! Tomorrow will be the heap‘s first music review! I’ve got it halfway written… but as you’ve noticed, I tend to write a lot. So yeah… let’s just say it’s quite in depth… but like all content here, it’s good. I can assure you some quality analysis of songs, melody and the album as a statement. Plus, I needed the practice anyway. Usually by this time of year I’m used to being inundated with papers and readings.

I’ve added a “Lists” page to make our future opinions much easier to access. Also, Friday will see the first preview of a Notre Dame game, where we’ll give you the rundown for Saturday’s match up. This, of course, will be followed by a game review on Sunday or Monday. Don’t expect anything too in depth. I can’t profess to be an expert on the team, so my observations will be of a humble alumnus who has a good understanding of the game (but not necessarily of the top of my head knowledge of starters, names, or relative ability hehe.) We’ll have fun with it. Hopefully this season is more fun than last year. They should hopefully get that first home win of the season out of the way this weekend.

And YES! The life update as well as the completion of the about page is coming soon! Sci Fi list 11-15 should be out tomorrow or Friday as well. That’s all for now, keep reading and commenting!