The heap. Remembers 9/11


I’m sure we all remember where we were and what we were doing seven years ago when the news broke of attacks on our country. I, for one, had my Godfather working in the rubble to rescue those who were inside the building when it collapsed. I know others that had loved ones in there. I’m sure in one way or another, you heapsters may be connected indirectly with the events that transpired. Perhaps a roommate or friend was simply from the NYC area. It was a day that challenged our way of life, and a day which has since shaped the dynamics of US global diplomacy. It woke up many of the uninformed here in our removed Western Hemispheric bubble. We now knew of the quotidian acts of terrorism which plague areas of Europe and Asia.

Today, we remember those who died as innocent victims of a gravely and fundamentally distorted, misinterpreted belief. We remember those who died trying to save others in the rubble and ash. We remember the fallen soldiers in a war launched as a response to this instance of adversity. And we continue to remember and pray for those still overseas. Whether you support or denounce our current state of war, a life is a life, and it is life that we support.