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One has to wonder how many of those types of games the Rays have left. After looking like the Rays of the past 10 years, they manage to pull it off tonight against the Red Sox 2-1, with the winning run being scored in the 9th inning, and the game being won in grand, walk-off fashion. I’ve lost count how many times we’ve done that. Speaking of the Rays, on the Rays Page, I added a “widget” I got from ESPN. I’m not sure what it does, but we’ll find out tomorrow! It gives info on current games and has Rays headlines and stuff. Seemed useful. Check it out.

I hope I haven’t been drowning you all with the Notre Dame heavy posts. I just want to relish it. It’s quite possible our smiles will be wiped off our faces this weekend in East Lansing. We should have some interesting material for all of you avid heapsters. out there in the coming weeks. Tomorrow will probably see a new The Trashman Chronicles (TTMC), talking about my latest venture into possible employment. Guaranteed to be funny, I assure you. Heck, if I get things in order, you might see TTMC III (internet provided) about my adventure at last weeks USF-Kansas game, and my loyal lament to Notre Dame Stadium.

Also, we’ll keep on going with the sci fi movies countdown! #5 is next, along with some honorable mentions! And a special editorial should be coming as well. More info on that once I’m done with it, but I can tell you it’s literature related, and involves a stiff, monotonous good ole American defense!

Why I really wrote this is to inform all of you that this weekend (Thursday – Tuesday) I will be in Austin, Texas, visiting Angel! So for this reason, if the internet situation doesn’t work itself out, you might not see a post for that period of time. But don’t panic! That only means there will be PLENTY to write about once I get back. But assuming there is internet, I’ll have some time to write, since she’ll have to do homework for law school and I’ll have to leave her alone and NOT be annoying and needy. You can probably expect a new music review and/or that editorial I was talking about.

We’ll keep an eye for the Rays to clinch a playoff spot this weekend. The magic number is 5 (Wins and/or Minnesota Twins losses) and for the division it’s 12 (Wins and/or Boston Red Sox losses). Have a good night and keep reading!


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  1. My prediction: Rays limp into the playoffs as the wild card, then proceed to generate total pwnage in route to a World Series between themselves and the Cubs.

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