Rudy’s Newest Endeavor


Everyone at Notre Dame knows about the magical, tear-jerking story of the infamous Rudy Ruettiger and his undying desire to make the Notre Dame football team. Heck, because of the movie released in the 1990’s, it seems that Rudy has become a defining image of the team. Countless times I’ve seen “Rudy Sucks” shirts, and just as many times I like on a flight or wherever I “school drop” where I went to, people are like, oh yeah, Rudy right? I think part of the four year experience at Notre dame is bein inundated with such imagery, references, and if you’re lucky, Rudy himself being a pep rally guest speaker.

Well, our lovable little guy is now fighting the same fight, only this time it’s in the sports drink industry. That’s right heapsters., Rudy has started his own sports drink! This is something you have to see to believe. It’s hilarious. Thanks to PV for sending the link.

Rudy’s Drink Website!

The testimonials are great, like from Doug Williams.


Check out the flavor names. My favorite is BLUE FUEL!

So be on the lookout for this. Of course you have to order them for now!


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