That Kanye Smile


He’s one of the biggest names in rap, with his numerous upbeat and positive hits. Kanye West’s rhymes are often infectious, and the melodic elements he employs in his songs can easily get stuck in your head, empowering you, or perhaps just simply causing the emergence of the wannabe rapper in all of us as we sing along.

His newest single goes in a different direction, and I like it.

A lot.

Love Lockdown delivers a brilliant musical composition, strongly emphasizing the confusion in the mind and heart of the person in question. The voice distortion and the resulting vastly different sound for Kanye create a haunting ambiance of indecision but yet affirmation.

I could go on, but I’d rather just put the music video on here for everyone to listen to! I absolutely love the usage of warring tribes as an image of conflict and even as a contrast between the clean, uniformly sophisticated life posed by Kanye and of the tribe. Again, I promise I’ll stop.

Well, enjoy the song! It’s different… not your typical Kanye, but anytime an artist takes a chance and goes in a different direction, its growth. In this instance, it works.

I’ll put the lyrics too, so you can see how chilling the song is. And easy to relate to.

I’m not lovin you, the way I wanted to
What I had to do, had to run from you
I’m in love with you, but the vibe is wrong
And that haunted me, all the way home
So ya never know, never, never know
Never know enough, til it’s over love
Til we lose control, system overload
Screamin no, no, no, no, no
I’m not lovin you, way I wanted to
See I wanna move, but can’t escape from you
So I keep it low, keep a secret code
So everybody else don’t have to know

So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
You keep ya love locked down, you lose

I’m not lovin you, the way I wanted to
I can’t keep my cool, so I keep it true
I got somethin’ to lose, so I gotta move
I can’t keep myself, and still keep you too
So I keep in mind, when I’m on my own
Somewhere far from home, In the danger zone
How many times did it take fo’ I finally got through
you lose, you lose
I’m not lovin you, the way I wanted to
See I had to go, see I had to move
No more wastin’ time, we can’t wait for life
which is wastin’ time, where’s the finish line

So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
You keep ya love locked down, you lose

I’m not lovin you, the way I wanted to
I met no one new, I got no one new
No I said I’m through, but got love for you
But I’m not lovin you, the way I wanted to
Gotta keep it goin, keep the lovin gone
Keep it on a roll, only god knows
If I be with you, baby I’m confused
You choose, you choose
I’m not lovin you, the way I wanted to
Way I got to go, I dont need you
I been on this road, too many times before
I’m not lovin you, the way I wanted to

So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
Keepin ya love locked down, ya love locked down
Keepin ya love locked down, ya love locked down
Keepin ya love locked down, you lose
So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
Keepin ya love locked down, ya love locked down
If you keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
Keepin ya love locked down, you lose



Happy World Series Eve. Just a quick blurb here congratulating the Rays on an amazing American League Championship win! The boys won the pennant at home against the indefatigable Boston Red Sox in 7 thrilling games. The World Series starts tomorrow at 8:30 or so… and it will be on FOX, so no worries if you don’t have cable! The Rays take on the Philadelphia Phillies in what should be an epic series. A lot of people focus on the Cubs not winning the Series in 100 years, but Philly has won it ONCE in 126 years! That’s absurd.

As for me, I will actually be at the game! Thanks to a good frend of the heap., I was able to purchase an outfield ticket! What a historic event to go see, and the pitching match up isn’t too shabby either. Cole Hamels vs. Scott Kazmir. I’ll definitely have pics and stories to share! Look for many updates this weekend!


The heap Presents: The 30 Most Influential Sci Fi Movies (1)

We finally made it to number one, heapsters. It took waaay too long, and I have to apologize for the delay. Work has been killer, and I’ve had no time to write anything! But yes, the number 1 movie is here, and well, it was to be expected I feel. I’m sure after I dropped ET at number 2, there was only one logical choice for the number 1 slot.

1. Star Wars: Episodes IV – VI (1977, 1980, 1983)


It had to be the Star Wars franchise. You see, I really feel that prior to the Star Wars phenomenon, Sci Fi was almost seen as “indie” type of deal. Sure it was popular, but it never really was part of mainstream society or a prominent part of pop culture until the release of Star Wars. From then on, Sci Fi was “cool” and really, you can’t find to many movies released that don’t have some form of sci fi element in them presently. Star Wars continues to be such an instrumental part of the lives of many people today. Toys, books, and video games have been inspired by George Lucas’ fictional galaxy. Star Wars captivates to audiences imagination from the beginning, as each film begins with the spine-tingling line, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.” Then it is always followed by the defining scrolling yellow text providing the backdrop of the story. But of course the most endearing part of Star Wars is it’s story and its application to real life. It’s much more than the battle between good and evil. It’s the revolution against tyrannical and fear based reign. It’s the reemergence of the “old religion” in a hopeless world (Thus episode IV being called “A New Hope”). The Force is much more than organized religion. It’s the interweaving of all beings… a positive force which contrasts the suffocating enveloping power of the dark side. Episodes I-III, while not as good as the originals, do explain the nature of the Jedi as a vocational calling, much like a religious beckoning. The parallels between Jedi and priesthood resonate strongly. I could go on and on… It revolutionized special effects and so on, and much like Star Trek, it made use of the limitless technologies only available in imagination for space travel, and also Star Wars follows suit by its own creation of specific and intricate races and species of creatures.

Ep IV: #12 out of 250: 8.8
Ep V: #9 out of 250: 8.8
Ep VI:#103 out of 250: 8.3

Rotten Tomatoes
Ep IV 95%
Ep V 97%
Ep VI 75%

And that’s it for the Sci Fi Countdown! Hope you enjoyed the choices and the commentary! We should have a new list going on in the near future! If you have any ideas for what it should be about, go ahead and leave a comment here!


Concert News… Part 1

In the upcoming months the Tampa Bay area will be the place to be to see some of the biggest acts in the business from both alternative rock and rap/ hip-hop. Every year (for as long as I can remember) both Wild 98.7 and 97X put on huuuuge shows in November and December. Wild’s concert, the Last Damn Show series, is usually at Tropicana Field, and attracts some of the biggest names in rap and hip hop, while 97X takes place at the fairgrounds at the Ford Amphitheater also attracting very popular band to play.


The acts for LSD 10 is as star-studded as usual. November 8 will prove to be an amazing time. Perhaps I will find my way over there. Let’s get a little rundown of the acts here.

David Banner


He’s got a very straightforward name, which actually does a lot to set him apart from his contemporaries. Reared in Mississippi (which he loves spelling in one of his songs), he actually has a degree from Southern University. He’s had a few albums out in the past years, and has been gaining popularity in subsequent years.

Current Song: Shawty Say

Relative Appeal: 7.2/10

Relative Name Intimidation Factor: 4.6/10

The Dream

the dream

The Dream is as talented of an individual as they come. He is obviously very talented musically, but also, he is an acclaimed painter and sculptor. FYI, his real name is Terius Nash and like many of the mainstream rap artists we hear today, he came from humble beginnings. After high school he began writing songs for other artists, which he continues today. He just started releasing stuff on his own, having 2 albums, but like I said, he’s been on the scene writing songs such as Rihanna’s “Umbrella.”

Current Songs: I Luv Your Girl, featured in Cookie Jar, Please Excuse My Hands

Relative Appeal 7.0/10

Relative Innate Talent: 8.7/10

Thanking God for a Stage Name Factor: 9.1/10



E-40 currently enjoys high popularity, though I must admit that I personally don’t like his music. There’s just something about his voice that bothers me. But regardless, the beats and melodies of his music is often catchy and rather good. He’s 40 years old nowadays, ironically, and has been on the scene since the early 90’s.

Popular songs: Tell Me When To Go, You and Dat

Relative Appeal: 6.2/10

Relative Rap “Experience”: 8.2/10

The Game

the game

The Game’s story is one of turning a life around. Born in LA, he was a gang member in his youth after being expelled from Washington State. He’s best known for his work with 50 cent and G-Unit, though subsequently there have been feuds between both parties… in fact, The Game has had a feud with pretty much every big name in the rap scene. He released his third album this year which hit #1 on the rap charts in the US.

Current Song: My Life

Relative Appeal: 7.0/10

Relative Gangsterness 9.0/10

Gym Class Heroes


One of my favorite groups, Gym Class Heroes has managed to transcend the boundaries of musical genre for years. They have had a superb, unique sound influenced by the fusion of R&B with rock elements. The recently released an R&B heavy album called “The Quilt” which has recieved mostly positive reviews, but the past records by Travis and Co. have had a balance of rock and R&B influenced tracks.

Current Song: Cookie Jar

Relative Appeal:7.8/10

Name Creativity Factor 8.2/10

Nina Sky


These “Newyoricans” are identical twin sisters and have had an interest in music since elementary school, writing their first song by the age of 10. They’ve been a prominent force in the R&B world since about 2005 and are currently releasing their second album this year.

Popular Songs: Oye Mi Canto, Move Your Body

Relative Appeal: 6.8/10

Relative Hotness 8.3/10



Plies has had a big past 2 years with the release of 2 albums and his singles spending weeks at the top of the charts. We all remember “Shawty” from a year ago as it dominated the airwaves. Plies released “Bust It Baby Part 2” earlier this year which was also very popular. Currently, “Please excuse My Hands” is a favorite of many Plies enthusiasts, as well as guys who can related so such a feeling… :-D.

Relative Appeal: 7.5/10

Bling Factor: 8.7/10



T-pain might arguably be the most popular and biggest name at LDS 10. He has had hits for the past few years, not to mention the cornucopia of awards he has recied for his efforts. My personal favorite is “I’m Sprung” because you just can’t beat the bass beat in that song. Don’t forget Bartender and By you a drank.

Current Song: Chopped and Skrewed feat LUDA!

Relative Appeal: 9.0/10

Hair Factor 8.6/10

Tay Dizm

tay dizm

I really don’t know too much about Tay Dizm, but I think his song (the only one I really know) Beam Me Up, is pretty funny. I’m sure he has other good songs and that he can perform… though I’d guess he’ll play at the beginning of the concert…

Relative Appeal: 6.2/10

Sound Effects Ability: 8.5/10

Tom G

Tom G

Up and coming artist, so you better be on the look out! A Tampa native who hopes to be tearing up the rap scene in the upcoming years.

Young Jeezy

yong jeezy

Another HUGE name. Jeezy’s back with a new album titled “The Recession.” He has enjoyed continous popularity… mostly because he just releases catchy, solid songs. He will definitely put on an unforgettable performance.

Current Song: Put On

Relative Appeal: 8.2/10

Thugness 8.6/10



big logo

heapsters! Don’t think that I have abandoned you in your time of greatest need of reading! I’m still here! Sorry for not being able to update lately, but I just started a new job ON TOP OF being your loyal trash man. So now a days I’m working from 6:30-4 M-Th and 6:30-3 F with the trash usually running from 8-10:30 on Su-Th. It’s really not that bad, but I’ll get into specifics in a future TTMC. I have to finish the Austin ones first! And on top of that, I’ve just been enjoying the ride the Rays have been providing us long suffering fans! They cruised right ino the ALCS. The Boston Red Sox and mythical history stand between the Rays and a berth in the World Series! First game is on Friday!

This weekend I will post the Number 1 movie in our epic countdown, finally. I would have done it earlier this week, but I have been pretty tired… squeezing in naps here and there. Also, you can expect a new music review soon as well as the review of Righteous Kill. Lastly, 97X, our local alternative rock station here has announced the line up for “Next Big Thing,” their HUGE concert which is annually held in December… usually when I’ve still been at Notre Dame! This it the first time I’ll be able to go! So I’ll just give a little run down of the line up… it is EPIC!

I also have not forgotten about RBR Tuesdays! I’ll get those back on track soon!

That’s all for now.


The Trashman Chronicles III: Austin Adventures Part 2 – Dinner and a Movie, REAL Tacos, and Swimming in a Spring



After battling Austin traffic and disputing the sneaky directions of my ancient GPS, we finally made it back to the apartment. I was pretty spent after all of that, so we just relaxed a little bit. It was then time to leave for the first movie we had seen together in two months! We love seeing movies together, (It was like our first technical outing… oh that Cloverfield 😉 ) so naturally we wanted to do that. We had both been salivating over Righteous Kill, starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. I love movies about “the streets” I guess you could say, particularly when it involves interesting moral dilemmas such as what was presented in the movie (Don’t worry heapsters, a full review is coming soon!).


But we didn’t just go to any regular old movie theater. Nooo, we went to this place called Alamo Drafthouse, an integral part of the unique Austin experience. So of course, the name itself suggests the presence of beer. I’m sure most big towns have a theater that serves alcohol these days. But this place was amazingly different. They had some of the greatest domestic and foreign beers on tap! I HAD to jump on the Paulaner Hefeweizen! Now what really takes the cake is that you are served dinner before and during the movie! It’s not just some weak menu either… the selection was superb, having anything from salads and appetizers to burgers and sandwiches to delicious oven baked pizzas. We shared queso and chips with some baked potato bites. So good. For dinner, we decided on the “Raging Bull” pizza, which is essentially a “meat lovers” pizza. There were giant slices of sausage and pepperoni, and needless to say that we utterly devoured it all.


Just so you get a sense of it, just picture your typical “stadium style” seating arrangement, and then add convenient tables and menus! It was such an amazing experience! And of course, being with her and seeing a great movie wasn’t that shabby either!

ih 35

Afterward, we drove aimlessly around “IH-35” trying to find a mythological Wal-Mart, because I needed to buy a charger for my phone, and we came back to the apartment to sleep, since Angel had to go to class on Friday.

I was awoken by a demanding kitten who wanted me to take her to school. What nerve! So we made that little drive to UT Law school. I went driving around for a little bit, and I stumbled upon this chain called Fiesta. It was like a Mexican supermarket. They had like a bakery making tortillas (a tortilleria), and so many other delicacies and sweets, not to mention the hardcore market style carniceria. I was blown away. I bought some stuff to make a quick breakfast sandwich, and waited to pick her up from school.


By the time I picked her up, it was time for lunch! SO after a scenic drive by of UT’s football stadium and other landmarks on the way to lunch, we finally pull up to Torchy’s, a hole in the wall taco joint. I was pumped, and the line out the door only fueled my unkempt desire for authentic Mexican. Looking around, the tacos looked delicious. So we glance at the MENU, and I decided on the “Brushfire Taco”

Jamaican jerk chicken, grilled jalapenos, mango, Sour cream, and cilantro served on a flour tortilla with Diablo sauce.

I love jerk flavoring and anything that is devastatingly spicy. The sweetness of the mango definitely added a tasty contrast to the heat! That diablo sauce is also exquisite! I wish I could get a bottle of that stuff! I also had the “Trailer Park” Taco.

Fried chicken, green chili’s, lettuce, pico, and Cheese served on a flour tortilla with poblano ranch.
Get it trashy! Take off the lettuce and add queso!

Needless to say I had it dirty, and it was delicious. By far the best tacos I had ever had! Next time I want to try the “Dirty Sanchez” taco. I don’t even care whats in it, I just want to try it for the namesake.


We drove back to the apartment and we changed into our bathing suits. We were going on our second adventure, swimming at Barton Springs! According to my research, various sources state that the spring remains a cool 68F! Let me tell you, you feel it when you jump in for the first time! You definitely have to move around to get some semblance of sensation back! We had a blast! Angel’s not the biggest fan of water, but that’s what makes her great 🙂 She brought us juuuust because I’d enjoy it! But she knows she had a good time. No where else in the vicinity can you swim, lay out in the sun, almost get pooped on by a bird AND smell like algae for the rest of the day!

We dried up and headed to the Barton Creek Mall to walk around and mostly do some window shopping, though I did happen to find a great shirt at Express. Well actually, she found it after a 10 minute sifting through the clearance shirts! The mall was really nice and pretty big. I was impressed. Our time at the mall ended with an hour long stop at a nail parlor… for some reason, it took them 1 hour… maybe even more, just to pull her tips off! I’m sure it was just retaliation for not having something else done like eyebrows or a pedicure.


Finally after a long day, we needed some dinner. We ate at a place called Shady Grove, which amounted to be what I described as a homestyle restaurant with Texan and Mexican influence. It’s pretty sweet, as most of the seating is outside under trees with a nice bar in a shack. There’s also a giant screen, giving it a drive is sort of feel. The bathrooms were really unique because they were located in an Airstream Trailer! We ate inside since we were outside for so long today, and because it was shorter. It took maybe 15 minutes to be seated. We opened the menu and we immediately knew what we wanted. We actually ordered the same thing… Chicken Fried Chicken! We placed our orders and asked for some waters… which came in giant 1 L cups. They don’t mess around in Texas. They brought out our salads, which were excellent. We seriously waited maybe or 10 minutes for our food to come out! I mean I wasn’t even done with the salad! And again, they DON’T mess around in Texas. I mean, this piece of chicken was massive, not to mention delicious! They have this rice there… some of the best tasting rice I’ve ever had.

So, after that we just made our way back and watched some TV before we went to sleep. We had to rest up for our trip to San Antonio!


Game Day: Stanford @ Notre Dame


I’ve always thought that teams named after abstract entities such as colors were cute. I think my personal favorite was back in the day when Marquette was the Gold. I guess that would have been a menacing nickname back in the days of Teddy Roosevelt and the Roughriders when the Gold standard was used or something like that. Heck, even now, as our dollar continues to crumble, the exchange rate for gold can be pretty daunting. And then of course there is the Stanford Cardinal. That one specific red in the vast pallet of reds which was picked to symbolize academic prowess on the west coast.

Football competency? Not so much. Not in this decade.

After a strong game last week, the Irish face a weaker opponent. But as we have seen this season, it appears our boys love to play down to the opposition a la SDSU. Heck, the Aztecs might be a better team than Stanford this year.

Well, maybe not quite.

The Cardinal has had a pretty tough schedule so far, losing to then ranked TCU 31-14 and 15th Ranked ASU 41-17. They slipped by a dismal Washington team 35-28 last week and beat San Jose State 23-10 a few weeks ago. Their most notable win this year is over Oregon State, who we know took down then #1 USC.

Transitive property anyone?

To win, the Irish just have to stick with the plan. The running game has to show up, and it could be a challenge, with Stanford giving up 128 yards per game. But it needs to be effective just to balance the pass attack, where Stanford gives up 260 yards per game. Clausen needs to be sharp, and the pass game will be the offensive difference.

The deal breaker could be on defense. We’ve seen the Irish in the nickel base defense against teams who use the spread. I’m pretty sure Stanford doesn’t though, so we’ll see the Irish 3-4 base. Hopefully they can control Stanford RB Toby Gerhart better than Ringer.

I see where the game COULD be close, but I really don’t want to believe it. Tune in at 2:30 ET on NBC! I have the Irish pulling it out 34-21.


ALDS Game 2


Game 1 went to the Rays, thanks to Evan “Almighty” Longoria and his 3 RBI. James Shields pitched a solid 6+ innings, though he left the bases loaded with one out as he departed. Add in a little of Rays’ “small ball” and the boys were able to manufacture just enough.

Good thing Grant Balfour, and his superior Australian Athletic ability prevailed, as he struck out Uribe and Cabrera. Some testosterone laced competitive spirit erupted as Cabrera called out our favorite Aussie, kicking dirt in his direction? Balfour reacted with an expletive filled explosion. He brought the heat too, hitting 96 MPH on the gun… utterly devastating White Sox hitters.

So here we are on late Friday afternoon. Its Game 2 at 6 PM. Scott Kazmir faces traditional Chi Sox ace Mark Buehrle. Kaz has been struggling as of late, giving up 4 solo shots to the Tigers in his last start, and giving up 9 runs to Boston a few starts back. We need 6 innings from him. We need some K’s. And we need a win.

Are the Chi Sox feeling the heat yet?


There’s Only One October


The Rayvolution begins today at 2:30 PM when the Rays begin their inaugural quest into the post season in a best of five games series against the AL Central Champions Chicago White Sox.

Chicago comes in on a relatively high note, as they had to win the last three to even get into the playoffs. After defeating the Indians on the last day of the season, they were within a half game of Minnesota. As a result, a postponed game against Detroit HAD to be made up. They beat the Tigers 8-2 thanks to a Alexei Ramirez grand slam. A 1 game playoff ensued because of the tie in the standings between Minnesota and Chicago. Chicago defeated Minnesota on Tuesday 1-0 on a Jim Thome solo shot, finally ending the season long battle between the two for AL Central Supremacy.

The prize? A trip to the Tampa Bay Area to face playoff newcomers, the Rays. Our team which has been the perennial doormat of the league is that no more, amassing 97 wins and winning the AL East crown, the hardest division in baseball. If that isn’t intimidating enough, the Rays were an MLB best 57-24 at home. The White Sox? 35-46 on the road. And one more little tidbit. The Rays have won over 20 games, and have lost only once when the crowd is over 30,000. This afternoon’s game is sold out.

But stats are just stats. Which Rays team will show up today? How debilitating will the butterflies be? The White Sox lead the MLB with over 200 home runs this season. Rays’ pitching has been giving up a lot of them lately. James Shields has been dominant under the dome. The boys always find a way to win. The world has noticed. They are perhaps the most adopted team by fans of the other 22 teams which didn’t make the playoffs. Sportswriters everywhere have been hopping on the bandwagon left and right.

The little wagon that could.

They think they can. They think they can.

The baseball world will find out in less than 2 hours how the beginning of the final chapters of this fairytale thriller will end.

Guess we’ll just have to keep reading.


The Trashman Chronicles III: Austin Adventures Part 1 – Rental Car Ridiculousness



Finally, our latest installment of The Trashman Chronicles is here! No creepy and shady pyramid schemes this time (though I keep seeing the company trying to take over job fairs!). Today I’ll finally start talking about my trip to Austin, Texas, to visit the one and only Angel Leal! So you’ll get to see what I was up to instead of devoutly writing for my legions of faithful readers.

So our story begins the morning of September 18, a Thursday. I woke up and was waiting for Dad to pick me up to take me to the airport. My flight to Austin wasn’t until 9:30 or so, but since I live about 20 minutes away from the airport and the infamous Tampa morning traffic, that trip turned into a wonderful 1 hour bumper to bumper romp through the heart of the city to TIA. I checked in and checked my bag, went through security rather painlessly, bought myself a ridiculously overpriced sandwich, and sat down by the gate, waiting to board. I checked everything like 5 times, like my boarding pass and my rental car reservation. So I boarded, we took off and I passed the two hours watching The Office Season 1!

The flight was relaxing and peaceful, no turbulence or anything. I got into the airport at about 11 AM Central and I made some calls to tell everyone I made it. The Austin airport was unexpectedly small, but was really nice. Tons of food places and bars. It was squeeky clean! So down the escalator I went with my laptop bag and my Rays hat in hand to baggage claim to wait for my bag. After picking it up, it was time to find the Advantage Rental desk to pick up my reserved car. The layout of the bottom floor had rental companies to the extreme left and right. I first looked to the right, seeing Avis, Dollar, and Hertz signs. Ok, I’ll go left, I thought. After walking all the way down, past Thrifty, Budget and a local company, I was like, uhhh I’m pretty sure Advantage is AT the airport! So I walk all the way across the concourse again to the right side, and there it was, hidden behind the giant signs of the other rental companies! And the sign wasn’t illuminated! Not a good sign… and certainly a foreshadowing clue of the events which would transpire.


So I walk up to the line, I was next… only one person ahead of me at the desk with the agent. Then apparently there was an issue… they were there for like 20 minutes figuring things out! I looked over at Enterprise… 2 agents… Dollar? 2 Agents… Avis? 4! So I guess they were understaffed. That’s ok I guess. Good thing I was next. By the time it was my turn, the line behind me was about 7 deep. Poor souls. I handed my reservation info to the agent… who just so happened to be an Asian woman… so for future reference we’ll call her Tricia Takanawa.


Tricia seemed nice enough, she had a nice smile and she began to type away furiously, asking typical rental questions, options, upgrade, waiver… blah blah blah. So finally, it came time to pay. I had PLENTY of money on my debit card, and I had about 200 dollars of credit on my Visa, so I wasn’t worried. Oh… but let the surprises begin! At the time of the reservation online, my quote was for a compact car for about 95 dollars for 4 days! Unheard of cheap! So I was really excited and I decided to reserve it. My total when I came up to the counter? 215 dollars.


Apparently there was an underage fee of 25 dollars a day! so, 100 dollars!!! plus taxes. My goodness. But I had the money, and Angel and I really planned for a car so I was just like, ok sure, let’s do this. Then an even bigger surprise- Tricia tells me: Oh, is that a debit card? Yeah, that’s another 300 safety deposit. It’s refunded when you return the car. So my debit card was going to be charged 515 dollars. I could do nothing but shake my head. But like I said, we needed the car. Swipe.


Really? So I’m like ok so if it’s my credit card, no 300 deposit right? Tricia said that was the case. Ok, well, here, try my credit card. Swipe.


Wow. I instantly started sweating and worrying. Angel is going to kill me. So many scenarios running in my head. But I was like. Well, let me just transfer some money into checking from savings. So I called the bank and made the transaction… and I had to wait in that 7 deep line I talked about. Tricia saw me and smiled, as she noticed I was back in line. So I waited 45 more minutes to finally get to Tricia again. I pull out my card and Tricia’s like: Nope, sorry… after a card is denied there is a 24 hour hold… sorry. I almost exploded. How could you not tell me that when you knew I was planning on transferring money, letting me wait in line all this time? Tricia’s response? Oh, my shift’s over… good luck with that. Ask other companies if they have cars. So my lovely trek began. From enterprise I went to Dollar, to Avis, to Budget, to Hertz… all 9 companies present had 0 cars to give to walk ups. UT had a game and there was a big festival in town. No cars at the airport. I went outside and just sat down in despair. What was I going to do? How could I show up with no car?


I went up to Enterprise and asked about their in town locations. They said they most likely had cars, and they were cheaper. YES! So I called Michael, and he made reservations for me online at the Enterprise closest to the airport so the taxi ride wouldn’t be TOO bad. And it actually proved to be 50 dollars cheaper than Advantage, and no stupid deposit, just around 170 dollars- 60 dollars of that being the young driver fee. I can deal with 60 dollars instead of 100.

So! NOW I could call Angel because I had a plan (I had been avoiding her impending wrath for some hours now) In the end she decided to come to the airport and meet me before we both got the car, since we had to wait 2 more hours for the car to be ready. So by now it was 2 PM, and I rounded up all my bags and… where’s my Rays hat? Could this day get any worse? I dropped it somewhere… so before going up to the bar, I went around to places I had been and I even went to lost and found! Apparently, the Rays are so hot that someone took my hat and kept it!

But at last… everything was settled. I went up to the bar and waited until Angel got to the airport. I tried this beer called Shiner Bock, exclusively from Texas. It was really, really good. I might put it ahead of Michelob Amber Bock!


She finally got to the airport. It had been a long 2 months since I had seen her, let alone hold her. As I came down the stairs, you could see her a mile away with hit eyesore- I mean ostentatious purple backpack. After saying hi to each other, we got a cab… our cabbie was a pretty cool dude, a native Nigerian driving a tricked out Chrysler 300… nice ride. It was with him that I had my first encounter with Austin traffic



WELL, after a looooong afternoon and actually not finding Enterprise the first time around (it was behind a giant Ford dealer and it looked shady…) we got to the car (30 Dollars later) and drove to Angel’s apartment! We affectionately named our Kia Rio “KIKI.” We have tons of pics of her inside, but none of her. Sad!

Next time we’ll actually get to see stuff I did in Austin, including a literal Dinner and a movie at this place called Alamo Draft House and a algae-filled swimming adventure! Stay Tuned!