There’s Only One October


The Rayvolution begins today at 2:30 PM when the Rays begin their inaugural quest into the post season in a best of five games series against the AL Central Champions Chicago White Sox.

Chicago comes in on a relatively high note, as they had to win the last three to even get into the playoffs. After defeating the Indians on the last day of the season, they were within a half game of Minnesota. As a result, a postponed game against Detroit HAD to be made up. They beat the Tigers 8-2 thanks to a Alexei Ramirez grand slam. A 1 game playoff ensued because of the tie in the standings between Minnesota and Chicago. Chicago defeated Minnesota on Tuesday 1-0 on a Jim Thome solo shot, finally ending the season long battle between the two for AL Central Supremacy.

The prize? A trip to the Tampa Bay Area to face playoff newcomers, the Rays. Our team which has been the perennial doormat of the league is that no more, amassing 97 wins and winning the AL East crown, the hardest division in baseball. If that isn’t intimidating enough, the Rays were an MLB best 57-24 at home. The White Sox? 35-46 on the road. And one more little tidbit. The Rays have won over 20 games, and have lost only once when the crowd is over 30,000. This afternoon’s game is sold out.

But stats are just stats. Which Rays team will show up today? How debilitating will the butterflies be? The White Sox lead the MLB with over 200 home runs this season. Rays’ pitching has been giving up a lot of them lately. James Shields has been dominant under the dome. The boys always find a way to win. The world has noticed. They are perhaps the most adopted team by fans of the other 22 teams which didn’t make the playoffs. Sportswriters everywhere have been hopping on the bandwagon left and right.

The little wagon that could.

They think they can. They think they can.

The baseball world will find out in less than 2 hours how the beginning of the final chapters of this fairytale thriller will end.

Guess we’ll just have to keep reading.


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