The heap Presents: The 30 Most Influential Sci Fi Movies (1)

We finally made it to number one, heapsters. It took waaay too long, and I have to apologize for the delay. Work has been killer, and I’ve had no time to write anything! But yes, the number 1 movie is here, and well, it was to be expected I feel. I’m sure after I dropped ET at number 2, there was only one logical choice for the number 1 slot.

1. Star Wars: Episodes IV – VI (1977, 1980, 1983)


It had to be the Star Wars franchise. You see, I really feel that prior to the Star Wars phenomenon, Sci Fi was almost seen as “indie” type of deal. Sure it was popular, but it never really was part of mainstream society or a prominent part of pop culture until the release of Star Wars. From then on, Sci Fi was “cool” and really, you can’t find to many movies released that don’t have some form of sci fi element in them presently. Star Wars continues to be such an instrumental part of the lives of many people today. Toys, books, and video games have been inspired by George Lucas’ fictional galaxy. Star Wars captivates to audiences imagination from the beginning, as each film begins with the spine-tingling line, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.” Then it is always followed by the defining scrolling yellow text providing the backdrop of the story. But of course the most endearing part of Star Wars is it’s story and its application to real life. It’s much more than the battle between good and evil. It’s the revolution against tyrannical and fear based reign. It’s the reemergence of the “old religion” in a hopeless world (Thus episode IV being called “A New Hope”). The Force is much more than organized religion. It’s the interweaving of all beings… a positive force which contrasts the suffocating enveloping power of the dark side. Episodes I-III, while not as good as the originals, do explain the nature of the Jedi as a vocational calling, much like a religious beckoning. The parallels between Jedi and priesthood resonate strongly. I could go on and on… It revolutionized special effects and so on, and much like Star Trek, it made use of the limitless technologies only available in imagination for space travel, and also Star Wars follows suit by its own creation of specific and intricate races and species of creatures.

Ep IV: #12 out of 250: 8.8
Ep V: #9 out of 250: 8.8
Ep VI:#103 out of 250: 8.3

Rotten Tomatoes
Ep IV 95%
Ep V 97%
Ep VI 75%

And that’s it for the Sci Fi Countdown! Hope you enjoyed the choices and the commentary! We should have a new list going on in the near future! If you have any ideas for what it should be about, go ahead and leave a comment here!


Concert News… Part 1

In the upcoming months the Tampa Bay area will be the place to be to see some of the biggest acts in the business from both alternative rock and rap/ hip-hop. Every year (for as long as I can remember) both Wild 98.7 and 97X put on huuuuge shows in November and December. Wild’s concert, the Last Damn Show series, is usually at Tropicana Field, and attracts some of the biggest names in rap and hip hop, while 97X takes place at the fairgrounds at the Ford Amphitheater also attracting very popular band to play.


The acts for LSD 10 is as star-studded as usual. November 8 will prove to be an amazing time. Perhaps I will find my way over there. Let’s get a little rundown of the acts here.

David Banner


He’s got a very straightforward name, which actually does a lot to set him apart from his contemporaries. Reared in Mississippi (which he loves spelling in one of his songs), he actually has a degree from Southern University. He’s had a few albums out in the past years, and has been gaining popularity in subsequent years.

Current Song: Shawty Say

Relative Appeal: 7.2/10

Relative Name Intimidation Factor: 4.6/10

The Dream

the dream

The Dream is as talented of an individual as they come. He is obviously very talented musically, but also, he is an acclaimed painter and sculptor. FYI, his real name is Terius Nash and like many of the mainstream rap artists we hear today, he came from humble beginnings. After high school he began writing songs for other artists, which he continues today. He just started releasing stuff on his own, having 2 albums, but like I said, he’s been on the scene writing songs such as Rihanna’s “Umbrella.”

Current Songs: I Luv Your Girl, featured in Cookie Jar, Please Excuse My Hands

Relative Appeal 7.0/10

Relative Innate Talent: 8.7/10

Thanking God for a Stage Name Factor: 9.1/10



E-40 currently enjoys high popularity, though I must admit that I personally don’t like his music. There’s just something about his voice that bothers me. But regardless, the beats and melodies of his music is often catchy and rather good. He’s 40 years old nowadays, ironically, and has been on the scene since the early 90’s.

Popular songs: Tell Me When To Go, You and Dat

Relative Appeal: 6.2/10

Relative Rap “Experience”: 8.2/10

The Game

the game

The Game’s story is one of turning a life around. Born in LA, he was a gang member in his youth after being expelled from Washington State. He’s best known for his work with 50 cent and G-Unit, though subsequently there have been feuds between both parties… in fact, The Game has had a feud with pretty much every big name in the rap scene. He released his third album this year which hit #1 on the rap charts in the US.

Current Song: My Life

Relative Appeal: 7.0/10

Relative Gangsterness 9.0/10

Gym Class Heroes


One of my favorite groups, Gym Class Heroes has managed to transcend the boundaries of musical genre for years. They have had a superb, unique sound influenced by the fusion of R&B with rock elements. The recently released an R&B heavy album called “The Quilt” which has recieved mostly positive reviews, but the past records by Travis and Co. have had a balance of rock and R&B influenced tracks.

Current Song: Cookie Jar

Relative Appeal:7.8/10

Name Creativity Factor 8.2/10

Nina Sky


These “Newyoricans” are identical twin sisters and have had an interest in music since elementary school, writing their first song by the age of 10. They’ve been a prominent force in the R&B world since about 2005 and are currently releasing their second album this year.

Popular Songs: Oye Mi Canto, Move Your Body

Relative Appeal: 6.8/10

Relative Hotness 8.3/10



Plies has had a big past 2 years with the release of 2 albums and his singles spending weeks at the top of the charts. We all remember “Shawty” from a year ago as it dominated the airwaves. Plies released “Bust It Baby Part 2” earlier this year which was also very popular. Currently, “Please excuse My Hands” is a favorite of many Plies enthusiasts, as well as guys who can related so such a feeling… :-D.

Relative Appeal: 7.5/10

Bling Factor: 8.7/10



T-pain might arguably be the most popular and biggest name at LDS 10. He has had hits for the past few years, not to mention the cornucopia of awards he has recied for his efforts. My personal favorite is “I’m Sprung” because you just can’t beat the bass beat in that song. Don’t forget Bartender and By you a drank.

Current Song: Chopped and Skrewed feat LUDA!

Relative Appeal: 9.0/10

Hair Factor 8.6/10

Tay Dizm

tay dizm

I really don’t know too much about Tay Dizm, but I think his song (the only one I really know) Beam Me Up, is pretty funny. I’m sure he has other good songs and that he can perform… though I’d guess he’ll play at the beginning of the concert…

Relative Appeal: 6.2/10

Sound Effects Ability: 8.5/10

Tom G

Tom G

Up and coming artist, so you better be on the look out! A Tampa native who hopes to be tearing up the rap scene in the upcoming years.

Young Jeezy

yong jeezy

Another HUGE name. Jeezy’s back with a new album titled “The Recession.” He has enjoyed continous popularity… mostly because he just releases catchy, solid songs. He will definitely put on an unforgettable performance.

Current Song: Put On

Relative Appeal: 8.2/10

Thugness 8.6/10