My New Ride

Functioning Speedometer. CD Player. No gasoline smell. Did I mention, Air Conditioning?

After a month or so of vehicular uncertainty, I finally have a new ride! In the past few months, we had sold my past two cars. The family heirloom 1990 Volvo 240 DL and the 1994 Isuzu Rodeo we traded my sister’s bedroom set for. As you can guess, my cars haven’t been from the upper echilon of attractive vehicles…

The Volvo wasn’t bad at all really. It was amorably given the moniker “The Volvinator” by all who had the privalege to ride in it. That sluggish in line 4 cylinder engne… let’s just say that it would be left in the dust… and there was a good chance that dust was moving faster. And I can’t forget the horrific “frims” (fake rims) it was adorned with. It would have been better to glue on some aluminum trash can lids.

Oh, the concepts of what was cool when one is 16.

But that thing was a tank. It has been rear ended numerous times. Not a scratch. And when I was backed up into? Signifcant damage to the other car… just a broken headlight for me. No body damage.

Volvo 4 , Everyone else 0.

And Isuzu… what an eyesore. But it was quick and nimble. And it got me where I needed to go. But man, that thing always smelled like gas, and it went through tires and light bulbs like none other. But a good car for the summers and winters I was back home from Notre Dame.

And now, finally, an AWESOME vehicle. I introduce to all of you who have been asking for weeks. My 1998 Dodge Dakota Magnum V6!


I am a fan. Aren’t you? It runs great, looks pretty cool, and it has a good stock sound system and AC! This is my first car with Air!!! I have more pics of course!


The front. Looks pretty sweet.


The view from the side. The silver “tribal art” striping is alright. I think when I get it painted it shall be eliminated. It’s a little beat up but not bad. You can hardly notice.


And the back view. The artwork on the back glass is interesting… I call it, The Soul Mates. Notice the Tampa Bay Lightning license plate and my Fighting Irish Alumni plate holder thing.


The interior. Nice. Neat. Clean. Sharp.


And the back seat. Room for one normal person or 3 midgets.

my view

And of course, my view.


And a look from the other side. Notice the Superman logo. I guess previous owners were into that. And tribal art.

So there you go, my new ride. I hope it lasts me a little bit until I am able to find a more stable job or teaching position!

Rock the Vote

The first Tuesday of November is here, meaning Election Day is upon us here in the Unitd States. One Third of the Senate is up for grabs, and a strong Democratic showing will all but ensure a filibuster-proof Democratic majority Senate. Most of the seats in the House are up for election as well. But of course, the main event is the race for the White House.

It is a historic election already. An African American is a presidential candidate for one of the two major parties, and a woman is a vice-presidential candidate for the other party. So either way, a historic event will happen in a few hours. It’s Barack Obama and Joe Biden vs. John McCain and Sarah Palin in an election for the history books.

Who will America choose? More importantly, who will you choose?

Exercise your right to vote if you haven’t already. Even if you are in a traditionally red or blue state, I really feel its a cool experience anyway. And it’s a right that others don’t have in the world. So get out there and vote for the candidates your heart desires! That’s the beauty of it!

But it must be said that Senator Obama’s campaign has received the ever so important endorsement of the heap. and it’s contributors! It could prove to be game breaker, especially here in Florida.

That is, if we can get our act together and actually COUNT the votes this year.

smallheap.jpg image by jmooser

A heap of an Apology

big logo

A note from the heapMaster:

It’s about time I post an update here at the heap. No, I haven’t forgotten you, my readers, nor have i abandoned my own little pile of space on the internet. I’ve just been in the middle of transitions. You’ll be able to read about this by this weekend once everything is finalized. I’ve been really, really busy with the job I have just left! Working 10 hour shifts Monday through Friday really takes a toll on the “time availability” aspect of life. I pretty much preferred to take a nap between that and my night job instead of writing since I was just so tired. And by the time the weekend came, I was just excited to be able to sleep in and do stuff with family and friends. So of course, my daily ramblings gradually became weekly… and even once every 2 weeks! Alas, this will no longer be case, trust me.

My new job will actually be in an office, so chances are I will be able to write from there or at least when I get home. SO, you can again come to expect the latest in my life, the latest in my thoughts and opinions, and the latest in pertinent sports and my other interests. But again, I’ll go into more detail when I know more and when my new position is finalized!

So, my readers, I apologize for my absence and hope to again fill your RSS streams full of great insights and articles, and offer a more open window of what is going on in my life! I hope everyone is doing well, and a special congratulations to Peter Van, who is now engaged!