2009 NCAA Football Preseason Polls? Already?

You can leave it to the unnaturally addicted college football addicts to already begin speculating about the 2009 season. Alas, only a mere 3 days after Florida was crowned the AP and BCS champion, the boys at Rivals.com already have a preliminary Top 25.

We all know how useful preseason polls are.

Nevertheless, it is great to see Notre Dame in the mix! (Scroll down to 23). Realistically, I feel that it is an appropriate ranking. This team has the potential to be good. Really good. And as the description (and many ND haters) will point out, the schedule is quite favorable. See Nevada, Washington, Washington St.

Could this be the year we finally beat USC? With the development of top recruiting classes finally beginning to materialize, not to mention the strong possibility of another top 5 recruiting class, I think we will at least have a shot. But again…. it always depends on what happens with the defense.

Well, here’s the list. Florida at number 1. Not a big surprise. I mean God Tim Tebow is coming back. And of course, Texas and USC are right up there in the mix after winning ther respective bowl games. LSU being ranked so high is a bit surprising, after having a disappointing season- though they whipped GT in their bowl game. And according to the list, the 2009 BCS buster? Boise State. We’ll see if they go undefeated similar to Utah this year, and clamor for their shot at the title game.

Rivals.com 2009 Preseason Top 25

1. Florida
The Buzz: The potential exists for all 11 defensive starters – and each of their backups – to be back in 2009. And with QB Tim Tebow returning, the Gators will be prohibitive favorites to repeat.
2. Texas
The Buzz: QB Colt McCoy‘s decision to return means the offense again will put up a ton of points – and the running game should be better in 2009. The secondary could be a strength, but the front seven needs some tweaking.
3. USC
The Buzz: The defense will undergo an overhaul, from the coordinator down to the players. But the offense could be truly explosive.
4. Oklahoma
The Buzz: If quarterback Sam Bradford, TE Jermaine Gresham and DT Gerald McCoy go pro, this ranking will drop. If all three return, OU will battle for the Big 12 – and maybe national – title.
5. LSU
The Buzz: QB Jordan Jefferson‘s performance in the Chick-fil-A Bowl provides hope that the offense will be more consistent. The linebacking corps needs to be rebuilt.
6. Ohio State
The Buzz: You have to figure the coaches will unleash quarterback Terrelle Pryor, which will jazz up the offense. The defense will be fine even without CB Malcolm Jenkins and LB James Laurinaitis.
7. Virginia Tech
The Buzz: The Hokies look as if they will be the class of the ACC. The defense always will be good, and if QB Tyrod Taylor becomes a better passer, the offense actually could be dangerous.
8. Alabama
The Buzz: The offensive line could have some questions and there will be a new quarterback, but depth should be better and there are some talented skill-position players on hand.
9. Boise State
The Buzz: QB Kellen Moore can become a star. If the Broncos can get their front four on defense settled, an undefeated season is within their grasp.
10. Oklahoma State
The Buzz: The Cowboys should have a deadly offensive trio in QB Zac Robinson, TB Kendall Hunter and WR Dez Bryant. The defense, though, has some work to do.
11. Georgia Tech
The Buzz: The Yellow Jackets were surprisingly good in coach Paul Johnson‘s first season, and Year Two in the triple-option offense could lead to big numbers. The defense should be fine.
12. California
The Buzz: Jahvid Best may go into the 2009 season as the nation’s best running back. Coach Jeff Tedford needs to settle on a quarterback and the linebacking corps must be rebuilt.
13. Penn State
The Buzz: QB Daryll Clark and TB Evan Royster return, though there are questions about the offensive line, the receiving corps and the secondary. The front seven on defense could be outstanding.
14. Ole Miss
The Buzz: Coach Houston Nutt changed the culture around the program, and if Tim Tebow goes pro, Jevan Snead will be the best quarterback in the SEC. There is a lot of skill-position talent around him, too.
15. Oregon
The Buzz: The Ducks will need to settle on a quarterback and do some tweaking in the secondary. But the rushing attack again should be the team strength.
16. Florida State
The Buzz: The defense has a lot of potential, if the coaches can find some safeties. The offensive line actually could be a strength. But the passing attack must improve.
17. Utah
The Buzz: The passing game will be a huge question. But the defense returns a lot of key players in the front seven, and the Utes will be able to run the ball.
18. Georgia
The Buzz: Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno are gone. But it’s not as if the Bulldogs’ roster is bereft of talent. The offensive line should be much better, as should the defense.
19. Kansas
The Buzz: On paper, at least, the Jayhawks look to be the class of the Big 12 North. The return of QB Todd Reesing means the offense should be one of the most productive in the nation. But the defense must replace three starting linebackers.
20. Texas Tech
The Buzz: No Graham Harrell. No Michael Crabtree. A rebuilt offensive line. A tougher schedule. And the same old defense.
The Buzz: Yes, star running back Shonn Greene is gone, but the defense again should be tough. The offensive line should be stout and there still are some good backs on campus.
22. BYU
The Buzz: Replacing four starters on the offensive line is the top priority for the Cougars, whose defense should be much better.
23. Notre Dame
The Buzz: Hey, calm down there, all you Irish haters. Notre Dame has talent, the schedule is navigable and a staff shakeup should help on the field.
24. USF
The Buzz: One of these seasons, USF will start fast and finish strong. Next season will be the final go-round for quarterback Matt Grothe, who must cut down on his mistakes.
25. Oregon State
The Buzz: The Rodgers brothers mean the offense should be fine, and coordinator Mark Banker always seems to find answers on his defense.

14 Responses

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  2. Oregon St should be higher. The Rodgers brothers are game changers.

  3. […] And of course, Texas and USC are right up there in the mix after winning ther respective bowl games. LSU being ranked so high is a bit surprising, after having a disappointing season- though they whipped GT in their bowl game. …[Continue Reading] […]

  4. O WHO?

  5. I think Central Michigan will easily be a top 25 team this year with Dan Lefevour and Antonio Brown.

  6. I hate lsu they so over rated

  7. As a Michigan, I feel like they are going to be a 6-7 win team, but they don’t deserve to be ranked right now.

    I have no arguments with the polls other than the fact that Alabama should be 2 or 3 spots higher, because any of their QB’s could get the job, and if Star Jackson gets it, then the SEC is in trouble, but LSU should be ranked in the top 5 as well, because they have some horses coming in and with LaFell staying, and adding that with them finally finding their QB, and having their running game established, with a good defense, not great, but good, they will get to 9-10 wins easily.

  8. Michigan State should be there

  9. If Ringer and the O-line are all back, then yes, MSU could be a force in the Big Ten. Defense must improve. We’re only a few months away from the initial poll. They probably should be on there.

  10. You guys are all wrong mark my words IOWA will be either in the Rose Bowl or the National Championship. They are always underrated but this is the start of something big. The hawkeyes are back and better than ever.

  11. PS Michigan State is so overratted the SUCK

  12. Everyone seems to always overlook Boston College. They will be a top 25 team by the end of the season, and once again, everyone will be surprised. When will this team finally get the recognition it deserves?

  13. Every preseason starts the same with you “experts” picking the same 10 teams. Then at the end of the season the Oregon Ducks win 11 games, get snubbed by the BCS and still finish in the “Top 10″. So go ahead and start us at 15, better then most years, and we will still finish in the top 10. GO DUCKS! Oh yeah, Oklahoma State at #10… Is that the same Oklahoma State team that got slapped around in the Holliday Bowl last year by my Ducks?!!

  14. I’m touched by you dubbing me an expert, though I’m far from it. I pick Notre Dame to go all the way every year in every sport. 😀 Oregon is a sentimental favorite of mine as well! Joey Harrington and jersey combinations won me over quite easily.

    In all seriousness, most of the teams in the PAC 10 are underrated since we don’t see much of them over here. After getting back from the stadium, we’d watch ND highlights, the PAC 10 game for a few minutes, then go out and party and/or cry. (Lots of crying last season)

    I think the list is slightly overrating OSU. While the PAC has improved, I’d have to say the Big XII is a tougher conference. More highly ranked teams playing each other than in the PAC 10. Perhaps this is why the rankings are the way they are. Or maybe the original author just needed to put them somewhere.

    Believe me, I believe in the power of The Duck. They railed the hometown USF Bulls a few years back!

    Thanks for the comment

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