From The Desk Of… “Awkward Conversation…”

*The transcription of this conversation meets HIPAA Guidelines* 😀

Some Dude: Hello? *Giggling Quietly*
Josh: Yes, Good Afternoon. May I speak with Female Patient?
SD: Oh, um, *giggling* she’s uh, a little indisposed right now hehe…
*Awkward Silence*
SD: *Still Giggling* I can take a message
J: Sure, uh… I’m just calling to let her know that her medicine just came…
SD: Hehe hey hold on there,
*Hands over the phone*
Female Patient: Hello? *Also giggling*
J: Yes, Ms. Female Patient, just to tell you your meds are here and you can come pick them up whenever you want.
FP: OHHH! That’s great! I’ll be sending my *emphatic emphasis* “friend” to get them for me.
J: Sure that’s fine, I’ll give your friend a form for you to sign so that they can pick it up for you in the future.
FP: Alright, *more giggles and some movement in the background* thank you, you’re such a sweetie
J: Heh, thanks, have a good day.

Oh the joys of dealing with the lower end of the spectrum in my county!

-The Heap

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