Wake Up Your Cat…

Originally posted by Joe Quintas on Facebook

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the English-butchering website icanhascheezburger, a site dedicated to finding funny looking pictures of cats, dogs, and other animals, and adding hilarious captions to them. For example:

funny pictures of cats with captions

The formula for content on the site is pretty simple. Funny looking picture of a cat + related caption written in “animal talk” = Laughs. Nothing but net.

Yet a new website goes one step further. A request was made to users to find their sleeping cat, abruptly wake it up, and take a picture of the result. While the pictures themselves are pretty funny and/or disturbing, the author’s hilarious interpretations definitely cause serious “lol” moments.

I’m posting the first page of the segment. I didn’t know cats could get so fat. You can see the other 3 pages by clicking the number links on the author’s post. I just tried them they work. Let me know what you think!

Wake Up Your Cat

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I hate cats. I hate their tiny, slinky bodies; their slitted, malevolent eyes; their pernicious and omnipresent dander; their penchant for appearing in image macros. They unsettle me, as I never know whether they are circling my leg in order to rub happily against my ankle or just sizing up the best angle from which to launch a fully clawed sneak attack on my balls.
But goons love their cats. This love may derive from envy, as cats are clean, intelligent animals, and thus exemplify standards that goons aspire to but never achieve. Still, when prodded awake by their masters, they produce looks of bemusement and distaste that approximate those worn by their caretakers upon finding out their bacon privileges have been removed. The following paged document this drama.

A brief aside – for the sake of convenience, I will be referring to the cats by the names of their owners. I do this because I couldn’t recall the pet names – there were so many furballs called “Buddy” and “Fluffy” and “Chainsaw Whiskers” that I couldn’t keep it straight – and because I believe that anyone willing to post about their pet for forty pages is obviously enamored enough with the thing to view such an anthropomorphic mashup of identity an honor, not an insult.

hoodrow trillson gets us started off.

1. Your cat is probably sleeping right now, knowing cats
2. Get a camera
3. Wake that lil bitch up
4. Take a picture of the face your cat makes (maybe wait for a good yawn)
5. Post that shit

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