Lightning Hit the Streets to Beg Season Ticket Holders to Renew


The team left the practice rink and took to the streets to hopefully persuade randomly chosen season ticket holders to renew for next season. Well guys, the way you’ve been playing, any fans that you have left are the clear diehards and probably won’t be the ones needing persuading anyway.

It’s good to see the Lightning are doing everything they can to improve after an embarrassing 9-3 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes. Yes, they gave up NINE goals. Are we tanking in order to possibly have a better shot at a higher pick in a draft that is anticipated to be pretty stacked? Oh, absolutely not. No tanking necessary.

This team is that bad right now. No motivation, no heart, and ultimately no wins in the last who knows how many games. Those New York Islanders are getting closer and closer by the day. Another last place finish would be a disastrous, yet not unexpected, from rookie ownership, front office, and a clown of a (former) head coach.

Though it must be noted that the Bolts did indeed slash prices for next year, starting a wonderful trend which has caught fire league wide. My concern is what consequence this may have on the anticipated payroll for next year. We’ll have to see where the salary cap ends up, but the real question is if the Lightning will utilize the entirety of what is available. For God’s sake, we need like 4 defensemen.

So yes, the story of the day. As you see by the picture above, Vinny is out and about, making celebity appearences in order to entice Bolts Season Ticket holders to renew. I’ll just stick to my usual plan of getting the 10 dollar day of tickets and move down. Hey, tickets are like a general admission pass now with only 10K showing up!

Only one sound can totally encapsulate how this season has gone. Enjoy!

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Rockin’ That Thing- Remix?

Not that the original song isn’t good enough. But this remix is so good! (The Dream, Luda, Fabolous, Jules Santana, et al. + a goofy intro from DJ Khaled!

My only question is: Where can I get a leather baseball cap?

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Shakespeare: Revelation

Chairman of The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stanley Wells, ...

Yes, that is Shakespeare, on the left!

This 300+ year old portrait was found in some junk in England. Fortunately someone was able to find it and figure out, Man, this kinda looks like that Shakespeare dude!

Indeed. To the right, you see Stanley Wells, the chairman of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Whatever that means. The lucky guy got to take a picture with what is believed to be the only portrait painted of Will during his lifetime. That’s pretty epic.

Though I prefer the picture on the cover of my trusty Complete Works by Bevington anyway. Here’s to you, Professor Lander!

The lesson learned from both renditions: You weren’t someone in Elizabethan England until you had a Power Collar, perhaps the predecesor of the common day “Power Suit” and “Power Tie.” Though  bet Shakespeare would prefer the newly discovered portrait.

It gives him a more strongly defined hairline.

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