FTDO: “Do You Believe in Magic?”

I found this on my daily (hourly) perousings of Yahoo sports editorials and blogs.

Magic pull off cruel, nay, crafty April Fool’s joke

The Magic’s PR and Marketing team sure had some fun with April Fools’ Wednesday in Orlando. Let me try my best to explain.

Giddy with whoopee cushion excitement all night long, the Magic pretended to “trade” Dwight Howard to the Oklahoma City Thunder, “re-sign” former great Penny Hardaway, and “play professional basketball” exactly like the Washington Generals. (They nailed that last one flawlessly, falling 99-95 to the sub-sub-sub-.500 Raptors.)

But the best prank of the evening came during half-time when the Magic staff appeared to crush the hopes and dreams of one poor, unsuspecting lad. Keywords here: “appeared to” …

Similar to CollegeHumor.com’s epic prank, a blindfolded fan heaved a half-court shot that he thought was worth $100,000, and the crowd — in on the gag — went bonkers. Convinced he had just hit the shot of his life, “Mr. Lucky” celebrated wildly before addressing the crowd on a mic. “I actually just got laid off from work,” he said, “but we’re going on a trip.” (To Disney World? I don’t know.)

And then they told him it was all a joke.

Abrupt record scratch!

Jaws dropped.

Horrible, right?

Well, not really.

You see, the blindfolded fan was actually a hired actor and the joke on the guy was really a joke on the crowd, which never realized it.

Magic PR and Marketing team, 1. Fools, 0.

Upon reading this, I laughed out loud here in my office- that is, when I got to the end and realized what the deal was. Before laughing, I was saying in my head… wow, that is pretty messed up man! How could they actually do that to someone?!? There had to be some sort of settlement by the Magic if this was for real.

And then it wasn’t.

A practical joke on 20,000 people. Well done Magic, well done.

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