Happy 4th of July From The Heap!


Here’s to you, heapsters. Hope that you and your family continue to have a safe and fun holiday. Do what the forefathers would want us to do, like eat 60 hotdogs in one sitting, watch cars race around in a 2.5 mile oval with gas prices close to 3 dollars a gallon, and, where it’s legal of course, buy enough fireworks to make Michael Bay proud!

As for The Heap, we just usually take it easy on the 4th. Nothing too special is done. We’ll grill out and eat (and drink) more than we should. Then the family usually goes to Temple Terrace to watch the fireworks show from our parish’s lawn! All of this done while sporting my US soccer jersey shirt. That’s patriotism right there.

By the way, the US Men’s National Team plays the opener for the Gold Cup tonight on Fox Soccer Channel at 9 pm against Grenada. (Well, the “B” team is playing… no one from the Confederations’ Cup is in the starting line up tonight!)

4thofjuly005.jpg picture by jmooser

Nothing like a grill with meat on it. Your Heapmaster was hard at work just minutes ago preparing some burgers. They were delicious. I highly recommend the burgers from Omaha Steaks. Just make sure to uh, over-defrost them… they break quite easily!

4thofjuly001.jpg picture by jmooser

So again, Happy 4th from my heap to yours. Appreciate our freedom, even if we have to pay for it sometimes!