Some Changes…

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Not even The Heap could escape the calls for CHANGE by the ruling regime. You beloved blog is getting a much needed face lift, which should be completed by tonight. You’ll notice the first change on your right hand side. Yes, the blog now has its own EMAIL! If you have any questions, additional comments, or ideas you’d like me to consider, email me!

I will also accept fan/hate mail, offers to help Kenyans with investing their millions of USD, and invites to watch you on cam for free.

Be sure to check out The Heap 2.0 tonight!

Or perhaps tomorrow. Because we’re lazy.

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The Heap’s “Semi-impossible” Brain Teaser

Well, maybe not so impossible, but definitely a fun one to sit and figure out! Today’s teaser comes from Bobby Delgadillo via email.

It is said that Engineers take 3 minutes to resolve this; Architects 3
hours and Doctors 6 hours.  Configuration Management types 3 years.  If
you guess what the 6th number is, you’ll be able to open the excel file
by inserting the 6th number as the password.  Once you discover it, put
your name, save it, and send it on.   It’s interesting to see some of
the places this has been in the world –   What is the 6th number?
1, 2, 6, 42, 1806, ___

If you have it figured out, email me at and I will be more than happy to send you the excel file! Then you can forward it to all of your friends!

Good Luck!

smallheap.jpg image by jmooser