Streaming Event Scheduled: USF Car Meet!

The Heap will be live at the last USF Car Club meet for the semester! There should be over 1oo cars present, including an infamous Spyker! I’ll be joining up with some friends beforehand and cruising in to the Collins parking garage if anyone wants to check it out!

Uh. These are expensive...

Meet will start at 9pm! So you can expect live sessions any time in between 9 and 11ish TONIGHT.

It’s a shame that it isn’t in a few weeks because  have finally bought a set a wheels for my TL! I will be heading over to Orlando in the morning to pick those up, so I will have pics as soon as I get back home! I am very happy that I found them, as they are the particular style I wanted.

You can also expect a post in the next week or so with a general timeline of mods to be done to the car. The TL Project is full steam ahead finally!

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Dietary Math

When you’re on a diet, you become obsessed with math. You have to count calories, grams of fat, carbs, and fibers while managing how much you can eat a day or per week. And sometimes, you do math for fun, just to figure out how many slices of of pizza your “ration” is.

So, I introduce my lunch one day last week, Smart Ones pizza bites!

Warning: Picture of food is not to scale!

I guess you can consider this a sad bastardization of Bagel Bites… or perhaps we are just meant to eat 4 anyway! Regardless, I was intrigued to figure out how much pizza I was actually eating. While yes, I know I could have easily consulted the internet, I wanted to see what results I could get doing in the old fashioned way. Not to mention, I couldn’t pass on a chance to use Pi!

2010-04-20 15.24.28.jpg

Geometry at its best during my lunch break.

So, here’s a rundown. Each “bagelette” had a diameter of 2.5 in. So the radius of each is 1.25. Area of a circle is (Pi)r^2, and there were four of them. So you come out with an area of 19.635 square inches. I made this total area 1 eighth of the total hypothetical pizza pie I ate (so one slice of an x inch pizza!) So total area of the pizza was 157.08 square inches. So now you work backwards, dividing that by Pi getting approximately 50, then taking the square root, closes is 7 (root of 49). 7 is equal to the radius so diameter of the pizza in question was 14 inches!

So My little bagel bites were equal to once slice of a standard large pizza! Yikes!

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A Little Off The Top: Return to Sender?

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Tennessee woman returns adopted Russian kid back to Motherland

Yes, you read correctly.

An American woman sent back an “unruly and violent” Russian orphan back to Russia after the family decided that it was in fact dangerous to house the child because of threats of violence and graphic, gruesome pictures he drew, which included a burning house with the family inside. According to the story I read, it wasn’t even the adopted mother who sent him off at the airport! Good ole grandma had to do it!

It appears that this family might have started an international firestorm, as Medvedev and the Russian foreign minister were “furious” and the actions were considered “the last straw.” So, until further notice, or at least until a full investigation is conducted, you cannot adopt Russian orphans- just in case that was on your “To-Do” list in the next month or so. At least we were able to come to some sort of diplomatic resolution with the Russians regarding a slight nuclear disarmament… who knows what might have happened.

So, we’re good about the nukes, right? Ok well, I’d like to make a return… what’s your policy on that?

In all seriousness, I feel that this story brings two issues up for discussion. The first is the actual ability to return a child to an orphanage, let alone to their original country, if the arrangements don’t go… as planned. I can assure you there are PLENTY of moments where our own parents may have thought the same thing… I’ve heard it a lot. But it’s all in good fun, usually. It’s part of the developing familial dynamics that go along with raising kids. But didn’t you make the same choice that mothers made, to bring/take a kid in this world?

I know their defense is “safety” and perhaps they indeed weren’t fit for the situation. Indeed, being a foster/adopted parent is a tough calling, and certainly a responsibility which isn’t celebrated enough. Should adopted parent have the right to do this? I mean, it’s a kid, right? It’s not like you went down to the humane society, pick out a great dane to live in your one room 50 square foot apartment and then return it because you can’t handle the responsibility. I assume that there is an extensive interview and screening process for international adoptions. And well, I’d also have to assume that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened, so I’d hope there is some sort of return policy if the parents see that they cannot handle the responsibilities.

Should be required viewing for anyone thinking of adopting/having children

All in all, I can see both sides of the argument here, but you can decisively conclude that the family definitely handled the situation incorrectly. They should face neglect charges since they are the legal guardians of the child, just like my parents would have faced sending me on an airplane by myself at the age of 7! As to the severity of the punishment, I don’t know. What is your opinion on the matter?

My second concern with this story is this. I know that many most countries are FAR worse off than us. I also know that in these other struggling countries the number of orphans/ abandon children is astronomical, and that the quality of life in their native countries is low. And I can certainly understand that through international adoption, you are saving a kid from a tough life and a potentially dangerous one. Saving a child breaks the cycle of poverty and lack of education, whether if it only for that one kid. There are may people who partake in this, a God bless their souls.

But don’t we face these problems at a domestic level as well? Wouldn’t it be more practical and perhaps even more beneficial to gradual improvement of quality of life in our own country to adopt children from the United States? It’s a problem that I think is bigger than one might fathom. For all sorts of adoption statistics, check out the following link: Adoption Statistics (Very in depth reports on orphans/adoptions in the US as well as internationally.)

Don’t forget to vote!

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The Heap: Streaming Event Scheduled- Story of The Year Concert

After a few months of waiting, one of my FAVORITE bands of all time is in town! St. Louis’ own Story of the Year makes a stop here in the Tampa Bay area, and you better believe I will be there. So of course, I will be stream a segment of the concert live on the blog. You can expect footage from 9-10 pm… anywhere in between.

It’s been a long time since I have seen these guys live. There were at Warped Tour a few years back, but I wasn’t able to make it that year. Though I did see them at Warped waaaaay back in the day circa 2004/2005, where they absolutely ROCKED it. They know how to put on a performance, I am am excited to see them at the State theatre in St. Pete, a smaller venue.

They’ve also recorded two albums since I’ve last seen them as well. In The Wake of Determination was just coming out when I last saw them, so I’ll get to hear songs from The Black Swan and The Constant performed. And of course, along with the random live streams, you can expect a nice reflection later this weekend, as well as finally, a review of their newest album!

The Heap’s Recommended Songs: Until the Day I Die, Anthem of Our Dying Day, The Antidote, I’m Alive, The Hero Will Drown

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The Heap: Streaming Event(s) Scheduled!

It’s another Miami weekend for The Heap, and as I’m here trying to efficiently pack, I just thought I should let you know of two upcoming Live events!

The first will take place in the next few hours, as I will stream from my car on my way to Miami! I’m sure it will be me just rambling about my day and traffic and so on, but at least you’ll get to see my surroundings for those few minutes!

And the second will take place at FIU’s Tri Sigma Formal, as I get to go as my girlfriend’s date (and hang out with my sister as well!) So I’m sure I’ll stream some sort of shenanigans taking place at the dance.

All in all, it should be a great weekend! I’ll be back Sunday for Easter! Enjoy the weekend!

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The Heap’s 2010 Fantasy Baseball Team: The Roster

I just finished my fantasy baseball draft for ‘The Better League,” this year’s league with my friends. I am simply revealing the roster for your 2010 Heap Masters tonight, and I will have an entry in the next few days analyzing the team!

Introducing the 2010 Heap Masters Fantasy Baseball Team!

Catcher- Yadier Molina
First Base- Miguel Cabrera
Second Base- Dan Uggla
Shortstop – Derek Jeter
Third Base- Michael Young
Outfielders- Michael Bourn, Ryan Braun, Juan Pierre
Utility- Alex Rios
Bench- Todd Helton, Jason Kubel

Starting Pitchers- Cole Hamels, Josh Beckett, James Shields, Ubaldo Jimenez
Relief Pitchers- Carlos Marmol, Frank Francisco, Matt Thornton, Jose Mijares
“Utility” Pitcher- A.J. Burnett
Bench- Daisuke Matsuzaka

We’re fielding a very talented and potent team this year, and we hope to adequately represent all of you! I’ll have an more in depth look at the team later this weekend!

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