The Heap’s 2010 Fantasy Baseball Team: The Roster

I just finished my fantasy baseball draft for ‘The Better League,” this year’s league with my friends. I am simply revealing the roster for your 2010 Heap Masters tonight, and I will have an entry in the next few days analyzing the team!

Introducing the 2010 Heap Masters Fantasy Baseball Team!

Catcher- Yadier Molina
First Base- Miguel Cabrera
Second Base- Dan Uggla
Shortstop – Derek Jeter
Third Base- Michael Young
Outfielders- Michael Bourn, Ryan Braun, Juan Pierre
Utility- Alex Rios
Bench- Todd Helton, Jason Kubel

Starting Pitchers- Cole Hamels, Josh Beckett, James Shields, Ubaldo Jimenez
Relief Pitchers- Carlos Marmol, Frank Francisco, Matt Thornton, Jose Mijares
“Utility” Pitcher- A.J. Burnett
Bench- Daisuke Matsuzaka

We’re fielding a very talented and potent team this year, and we hope to adequately represent all of you! I’ll have an more in depth look at the team later this weekend!

smallheap.jpg image by jmooser