The Beer Corner: Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic

Welcome to The Heap’s newest segment, The Beer Corner! I’ve always been a beer lover, and I’ve come to learn about an appreciate all different types of beer and its intricacies such as appearance, taste, smell, and so on.

In town, we have a few stores that carry different craft and imported brews. One In particular, Total Wine, has literally an entire aisle of single bottles of beer! So what I will do periodically is go and “create my own custom six pack!” Thus, since trying new beers is sort of a hobby, why not blog about it, right?


Our first review is Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic!

Our first sampling actually occurred as an accident. I had initially bought this beer for my girlfriend (since she isn’t a fan of beer, but likes fruity ones!). She ended up not liking it so I had to drink the rest!

The beer was refrigerator temperature and poured from a 12 oz bottle into my official Beer Corner mug  (unfrozen).

Pouring: Pours smoothly, and you can notice the hint of fruity aroma while the mug fills up. Almost no head forms when poured.

Smell: Once poured, you can smell a cranberry aroma, but also, there is a more than expected scent of alcohol.

Sounds: Since no head forms or there is not activity during the pour, there is no noticeable sound

Sights: No head forms after poring. Color is reddish and beer is cloudy with noticeable particulates. Color is not as prominent as expected or experienced from other lambics I’ve tried.

Taste: Textbook Sam Adams Taste (hint of bitterness), Cranberry taste is not as strong as experienced in other lambics. Alcohol taste is much more noticeable and borderline overpowering. Minimal aftertaste.

Overall: It was an enjoyable bottle of beer. While lambics aren’t usually my cup of tea, Sam Adams’ venture into this Belgian style is commendable. I think it could have used more of a fruity taste, and maybe more of a reddish hue to really give it more of an authentic look and taste. Probably not something I’d crave or by a six pack of in the future.

6.5 / 10 Bags.

2 Responses

  1. I think next up on the beer corner is a picture of the faces I make when I taste beers I don’t like.

  2. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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