USF Car Meet


Just a quick post from the car meet! Pic is of me and some older dude’s gto! He has it hooked up, from what we heard, catless, aftermarket exhaust, cam work… it sounded awesome. Exactly what I want mine to sound like in the future.

Its pretty cold outside. Lots of awesome cars. Audi R8 in particular. Lots of trans ams.

Definitely a successful meet, over 100 cars!

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The Beer Corner: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

We’re getting close to completing our first six pack! Up today is Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s Pale Ale.

This beer was chosen because I had always seen these at the supermarket or at parties or tailgates, but had never gotten around to trying it. As usual, poured at fridge temperature into my official beer tasting mug!

Pouring: A smooth pour, a moderate hoppy smell emerges, small foam head forms once contents are completely poured.

Smell: You can definitely smell the hops in this one. As noted, a moderate smell of it, not overpowering, but makes its presence known. Can smell the alcohol as well.

Sounds: A foamy head forms, and you can hear it if you put your ear to it. Beer sounded normally active for a beer that forms a head.

Sights: A white foamy head of 2cm forms, and stays for duration of drink. Color is a light amber, and beer is translucent. Also appears active, as you can see a lot of bubbles emerging to the top!

Taste: Was noticeably bitter at first taste, but not a distracting bitterness like the Hoptical Illusion. Was smooth, and like the smell, the barley and hops are able to be tasted. Did leave an undesirable aftertaste.

Overall: I was disappointed by this beer. I had heard good things about Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, but I did not enjoy it. Perhaps I am losing my tastes for pale ales? It was better than Hoptical Illusion, but something I am not going to run out and get. I am now on a quest to find a good pale ale, or at least competitor to Dogfish Head!

6 / 10 Bags

smallheap.jpg image by jmooser