Welcome to “the heap.”

We’ve all heard the expression saying that the only certain things in life are death and taxes. I’d vouch for the inclusion of trash (and its many synonyms) to the quote. If you think about it, waste has accompanied us humans with our own exponential development curve. Just wait for the nearest trash day near you to see how with any human life comes consumption, and the consequential trash. Hypothetically speaking, the discovery of fire by our earliest ancestors may have even ushered in our addiction to consumption and combustion, as the first pieces of wood lit aflame slowly became ashes and embers.

Sounds like we here are the heap. may be just another blog dedicated to “Going Green” and denouncing the abuse of resources and the steady stream of American (and perhaps even global) consumerism and its consequences, waste products. Nooooooo, that would not even be close to my point. I love trash. It’s the reason I have some semblance of a job. And I love you all for having trash. Everyone loves trash too. I’m actually sitting next to a bag right now. (Relax, I was just cleaning my room!) Of course, it’s only natural to be repulsed by the notion of waste, or what’s been used… but deep down inside, we love it. It’s an indication of productivity, of wealth, but yet, it is shrouded in secrecy… We love to hate trash. And our love-hate relationship has and will always exist.

Here at the heap., you’ll find posts of an eclectic nature. Anything and everything can (and will) be subject to review- music, movies, albums, books and other media forms. Sports, especially Tampa sports, will be discussed. I’ll probably post some local stories, or any off beat news I find in my online reading I do throughout the day. And of course, anything that I write/create, as well as just updates in my life, (and my thoughts on what has occurred) will appear as well, just to keep everyone in the know of what is going on with me.

Of course, any sort of blog inspired by trash may suggest disorganization, filth, and lack or sophistication. I hope that the material posted by me is interesting and or funny. Whether I’m sifting through piles of information online or of my own making, all of the “trash” posted here will be of the highest quality, and most importantly, stench free. Thus, I reveal the official logo of the heap..

the heap.'s Logo!
Classy. I know.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to bookmark the page!