Hello Tax Return!


Thanks for stopping by.

It was nice to see the spectacular effect you had on my checking account by finally arriving where you belonged in the first place. Who knew such tidings of joy could arrive so quickly? It was like biting into a Snickers bar, only that it was electronically posted to my mouth.

Technology is such a beautiful thing.

Let me savor you. Let me look in amazement and feel accomplished that I am farther away from zero than I have been in a while.

Let me feel “stimulated.”

Now Tax Return, since you have brought happiness to my long day today, you may choose where you wish to go, or what you wish to become. Do I hear a new shirt? Perhaps a new video game? Finally getting on Xbox Live? Tell me. Be what it may. Perhaps you would like to be transferred to Savings so you can stay a long while with me?

What’s this? You have to go? What do you mean? You choose to pay off some bills?

Say it ain’t so!

You’ve only been in the comfort of my account for 5 minutes! How could you leave so quickly? How could you choose to be spent in such haste?

I guess you’re right. Thanks for stopping by again.

And that is how I managed to use my entire 2008 Tax Return in 5 minutes. True story.

Adios to Dell and Best Buy. Now I can concentrate on the ole credit card. I’ll be so happy once that is paid!

smallheap.jpg image by jmooser