Can You Feel This? I’m Dying to Feel This


I found this video on Youtube while I was browsing around for different Slipknot performances. I remembered a few years back when the ‘Knot was releasing Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) that they performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live. So I watched their performance of “Duality” which was the first single off of the new record. (Though I am relatively a new maggot, I have heard their older albums and feel “Duality” is one of their best songs!) It was of course, awesome. But the video of the second song really made me laugh. I can’t believe I had forgotten about it! If ANYONE ever asks, it can be said that Wolf Blitzer has been to a Slipknot concert! If you watch the opening minute or so, you can see that he is NOT amused to be there. This could be because he was probably missing the touch screen monitor he and his CNN colleagues use to at the CNN election center. Who knows, he may have been right in the middle of the pack. Haha. Well, if you watch past the Wolf Blitzer part, the song is called “The Blister Exists,” and it’s pretty sick. Enjoy.