My Twin?

An email sent by our beloved resident New Yorker John Gleason:

Subject: Josh’s Twin

I was on youtube and saw this video of Luciano Pavarotti performing in a movie.  Is it just me or does he kinda look like Josh when he’s singing?  I might just be crazy but when he started doing those facial expressions, I thought he looked just like you Josh, that and the hairstyle.

I knew my infamous Rock Band singing would leave indeliable, blissful memories! And in Italian! Obviously my twin! I am quite excited about this discovery.

My facial expressions are far more exaggerated, but of course, what DON’T I usually exaggerate?

Response video, anyone? Though, I wouldn’t be singing Un’opera in Italiano. Instead, we ALL know it would be Coheed and Cambria’s Welcome Home or Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects.

Sigh. That last one, and its significance. 🙂

Enjoy the video and have a good laugh. Your heapmaster is similar in appearence to Pavoratti, sans the Renaissance Era blacksmith outfit.

smallheap.jpg image by jmooser

From The Desk Of… “La Bandera”

This might just be the sweetest picture I have ever seen.

This is a promo poster for Coheed’s upcoming concert in San Juan in June. Their lead singer Claudio Sanchez is Puerto Rican, I believe. At least at the concert I went to, he had a PR sticker on his guitar.

In any case, Great Band. Great Poster. Great Use of the Puerto Rican Flag.

smallheap.jpg image by jmooser