Article of the Day


I had to share this with all you heapsters. out there. I found this article on Yahoo!. I highly recommend reading it, as it is extremely well written. In short, it’s about a couple’s relatively peaceful protest of the erecting of a giant mall next to where they lived! Many in a similar situation would be lighting up the phone lines of city offices or perhaps plan some sort of picketing at the construction site. Noooo, this couple actually finds an abandoned crevice in the mall and they move in to study the concept of the mall: the people, employees and of course, the evident commercialism/ consumerism (which go hand in hand).

(Lisa Selin Davis)

Monday night, millions gathered around the television to watch an event years in the making. No, I’m not talking about the Olympics. Rather, Monday night was the premiere of “The American Mall,” MTV’s “High School Musical” rip-off in which teenage dramas unfold under the dizzying fluorescents of a food court. It’s a story, so says the promo, about a place we all love, where everything is for sale but love and dreams. […]

In 2003, inside a 750-foot storage space, abandoned since construction days, they crafted a secret apartment within the mall from which they could study its allure. Why do so many of us flock to the mall’s sanitized hallways? Why do we love the sameness of mall life, identical shops and structures across the country? Why is the mall the site of our grievances, the place where gunmen go to inflict maximum pain? Earlier this year, a man set off an explosion in a mall in Exeter, England. The week before, a woman was shot in one. […]

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