Buccaneers Introduce Throwback Jersey!


The infamous creamsicle orange is back in the Bay Area, as the Buccaneer’s finally succumbed to the throwback trend. And with the advent of HD technology, FOX might just have to warn in advance of possible vision damage and/or blindness as a result of the Orange returning.

Let’s not forget the return of Bucco Bruce, whose portrait adorns the helmet and completes the (obvious) 70’s gridiron ensemble. Legend has it that he wasn’t even a pirate at all, but just the leading man in a really bad 70’s porno. What were they thinking back then?


In all seriousness, I love the orange! It’s definitely unique… to say the least. But here in Buc Town, it’s also synonymous with losing, a lot. You can count the winning seasons in orange on one hand over the 20 year span of the Creamsicles. The Glazers, and more prominently, Jon Gruden had zero interest in digging up the sweetest atrocities in all of sports from the grave.

That is, until the expectations for this season went down the toilet bowl, along with the economy and season ticket holders. The Bucs are practically begging people to buy tickets. So of course, from a marketing and merchandising standpoint, this will serve as additional revenue. With an anticipated losing season on the horizon, any hype is welcome.

Antonio Bryant as wondering if anyone is scurred and confuz’d about the return to Orange.

The Heap applauds the jersey, but not the act of desperation by the Glazers (who just want to have some cash to buy more players for Man U anyway. Sigh.) Possible purchase in the future? To date the only throwbacks I’ve seen was Leeroy Selmon’s 63 and Mike Alstott’s 40. I’m not sure which player I’d buy if they were to sell them now.

So the Bucs have committed to using them at least once for the next 5 years! This year’s game will be November 8 against Green Bay.

smallheap.jpg image by jmooser