The Heap: Current Read – Inferno by Dante Alighieri

It is about time I read this classic completely. Can you believe that I have never had to read this for high school or college? I did take the Dante II class for my Italian Minor (Purgatorio e Paradiso), but strangely enough, Dante I (Inferno) is not a prerequisite! So I just made it by by reading summaries of any parts of the Inferno I needed for papers.

I’m reading it for three reasons. First, I mean well, I own it. It’s been there on my book shelf, and I’ve just been lazy. Inferno is the quintessential piece of literature of Italian study. It is a sacrilege that I haven’t read this yet! Second, I have a novel I’ve been waiting to read called The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl. Yeah, I’ve had that book for a good year or two waiting to be read. SO! Since the murder mystery is tied to Dante’s poem, I need to read it so I can get more out of the novel. And lastly, I’ve read that a video game based on Inferno is coming out the first quarter of 2010! How sweet will that be?

There is buzz surrounding the game already due to EA’s controversial publicity campaign. During E3, EA actually staged a fake religious protest against the game!

Check out the interview:

Out of control.

I’ll be hitting the Cantos when I can in the upcoming weeks. You can expect some sort of review when I finish, or at least my take on the work… I’m not sure if I am fit to really review a timeless classic…