The Heap Presents: Review of the Motorola Droid Part 1- Overview and Apps

“In a World of Doesn’t, Droid Does,” was the Verizon Wireless advertising moniker for perhaps one of the most awaited smartphones since the revolutionary iPhone. In fact, little was known about the phone, only quick glimpses due to a seemingly secretive yet intriguing marketing ploy used by VZW. The brief TV spots had to have been influenced by the similar secretive approach used by the promoters of the film Cloverfield. Here’s a sample TV commercial clip:

And of course the infamous iDon’t commercial:

Nevertheless, the real question after all of the advertising hype and hoopla still remains: Can the Droid be the first successful “iPhone killer?” Or at the very least, begin the end for Apple’s reign at the top of the smartphone market.

One of the most glorified selling points of the iPhone is the simplicity of its OS. Everything is only a few slides of the finger and a press of the finger away. While I never did have an iPhone, I did have an iPod touch. The interface was extremely navigable immediately. There wasn’t much to learn when t came to general functions or where something may be hidden. Everything had an icon, and you just scrolled to where the icon was located. The most recent update to the iPhone OS even allowed you to group apps on different “pages” of the sliding menu.

Droid’s interface is generally simple, though a first time user does have to learn the functions of certain buttons as well as the extensive settings menu.  Also, the initial clutter that is all of the application icons is a bit daunting as well initially. But the burgeoning Android user will know how convenient it is to have icons to ALL installed apps listed alphabetically in a slide out menu. This allows the user two place all sorts of widgets and the icons of the most used apps on one of 3 main screens.

Motorola Droid

I have yet to become too “app” savvy, and am in need of tips for useful apps! I do use two widgets, The Weather Channel and CNN widgets. TWC widget is a quick and convenient way to immediately check weather and temperature, with forecasts only a click away. CNN seems to be a good news widget, bt to be honest, I don’t look at it too much. I have heard that USA today might be the way to go with regards to a news ticker. I might have to give it a shot.

Don’t forget the “Social” apps! Dont worry. Facebook for Android already comes pre-loaded. So you can check that one off of your list. If you are into Twitter, I recommend Twidroid Free edition. The app allows you to update Twitter, while receiving tweets for those you follow instantly. AIM and Myspace apps are also available.

Droid requires you to have a Gmail account. Thus, your account’s email is synced to the device! It is possible to sync more than one gmail account (like my personal one and the account for The Heap!) and email addresses from other domains. In addition to email, your user name serves as your GChat name as well! Your buddies can chat with you on your phone as well!

The main free sports app for the Android OS is SportsTap. The app itself is very good, as scores from sports around the world, as well as surprisingly detailed box scores/ stats are readily available. The widget was disappointing because it didn’t seem to work most of the time. The favorite teams customization is pretty useful, as you are alerted when your team is playing and of changes in score. (Another Overtime loss for the Lightning tonight, by the way)

Then, like iPhone, there are an endless amount of created apps for just about anything! Some fun ones are the Coin Flip and Magic 8 Ball apps, that use the phone’s accelerometer to roughly simulate the physics of an actual coin flip or the shaking of the 8 ball. Google Sky Map is by far one of my favorites, as it uses the phone’s position and orientation to accurately tell you what constellations celestial bodies are visible by the user! It is absolutely amazing! And lastly, I have some other practical apps, like Flixster movies for times/reviews, Kayak for travel plans and Phoneflicks for organizing my Netflix queue.

As we can see, this has gone for far too long! I’ve decided to cut the review into parts. Part 2 will be about Music Apps, music playback and other media/ entertainment apps/ capabilities! Part 3 will most likely be about functionality, messaging, what I like and don’t like, and what makes Droid a serious contender in the smart phone battle! I might even make my own review video, showing off my Droid and showing you heapsters how it works! Stay tuned!

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FTDO: “Ich Bin Anscheinend Deutsch” (I am German apparently)

Another day at work, another random quiz. This one was called “The Inner Nationality Quiz, What Are You Really?” quiz.

Your Result: You are German.

You are precise yet romantic, efficient yet dreamy, friendly yet somewhat suspicious of others. You rarely smile, but when you do it’s very meaningful. You like it best when there is a group consensus, and yet you are easily annoyed by the slowness and/or stupidity of others. Sometimes you think that if only you could live on an island or move to some wonderful place far away where things are different, everything would be better, and if you can’t realize this dream you often lose yourself in books/vacations/recipes/sports — anything for an escape! All in all, however, you make your peace with life, and have many old friends.

Pretty on the mark, to say the least.

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Late Night Quiz

Another quiz courtesy of Facebook. It’s pretty on the mark. English is an off-chute of Psych, as we have to, more often than not, study the psychology of characters, analyze them and their storybook world the authors create… which in turn is perhaps an extension of the author… haha.

The results.



Josh took the what COLLEGE MAJOR should you have? quiz and the result is Psychology
You and want to know what makes people tick. The sea of similarities and differences between any two human minds fascinates you, and you can sail through college with this light-weight degree in an emerging, immature science. Even though you’ll never work in a related field without going to grad school. But hey $12 an hour aint bad? Right? Right? Your love of the human mind outweighs your love of material things like food and water, which you’ll never be able to afford again.


I guess it’s time for bed. Hopefully I can fall asleep more easily tonight. It’s been a tough few days mentally, though Easter did help a little. It was nice to feel uplifted and optimistic about the new Easter season. Perhaps I can improve upon my shortcomings of the Lenten season. I can only hope.


And for the record, my first Coke after abstaining for ALL of Lent was, dare I say, kind of disappointing! I guess I’ve lost the taste for it. Or maybe it was just a bad batch. I’ll have to have some soon again.


I promise some sort of academic writing as well as a look at my fantasy baseball team in the near future. I just haven’t had the writing urge lately. I’m all messed up I tell you.

FTDO: “Talking the Talk”

I just took a quiz on Facebook because I am that BORED here at work. Quizzes are much more fun than calling to enroll a patient in a patient assistance program. The results are in for my “American Accent”

Your Result: Northern Accent


Your accent is specific to New York State, the Great Lakes Area, and Western New England.

Even more proof that Florida is the New York (state) of the South. I’m kind of glad about this. I don’t like Southern drawl at all. It annoys me. I guess that’s because I hear it at work all day.

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Tourney Time

It’s that time of the year again. The NCAA Division I basketball championship tournament is arguably the second most celebrated sporting event in the United States, behind the commercial spectacle that the Superbowl has become.

March Madness is as American as it gets as far as crowning a champion in a sport. Conferences big and small send their best to compete. Obviously, the talent levels in first round match ups can greatly vary, but it’s the fact that the little guys can play, that teams from obscure conferences can dream big.

The heap has two brackets going, and I wanted to share them with you. First is my Facebook one, courtesy of CBSSports.

facebook bracket

facebook bracket

 An all Big East Final Four? What am I thinking? I guess it just ended up this way after makin the choices between teams. We’ll see how I fare.

And the ESPN Tournament Challenge Bracket, where I am competing with readers and writers alike at Rakes of Mallow.

ESPN Bracket

ESPN Bracket

 Sorry if it’s a little hard to make out. This one has UNC winning it all. Yes, I know. Sell Out. This one has a few more upsets, but I like the FB one because it has the possibility of having that All Big East Final Four.

Well, 12:20. Time to start watching from work! 😀

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Wake Up Your Cat…

Originally posted by Joe Quintas on Facebook

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the English-butchering website icanhascheezburger, a site dedicated to finding funny looking pictures of cats, dogs, and other animals, and adding hilarious captions to them. For example:

funny pictures of cats with captions

The formula for content on the site is pretty simple. Funny looking picture of a cat + related caption written in “animal talk” = Laughs. Nothing but net.

Yet a new website goes one step further. A request was made to users to find their sleeping cat, abruptly wake it up, and take a picture of the result. While the pictures themselves are pretty funny and/or disturbing, the author’s hilarious interpretations definitely cause serious “lol” moments.

I’m posting the first page of the segment. I didn’t know cats could get so fat. You can see the other 3 pages by clicking the number links on the author’s post. I just tried them they work. Let me know what you think!

Wake Up Your Cat

Pages: 1 2 3 4 Next page »

I hate cats. I hate their tiny, slinky bodies; their slitted, malevolent eyes; their pernicious and omnipresent dander; their penchant for appearing in image macros. They unsettle me, as I never know whether they are circling my leg in order to rub happily against my ankle or just sizing up the best angle from which to launch a fully clawed sneak attack on my balls.
But goons love their cats. This love may derive from envy, as cats are clean, intelligent animals, and thus exemplify standards that goons aspire to but never achieve. Still, when prodded awake by their masters, they produce looks of bemusement and distaste that approximate those worn by their caretakers upon finding out their bacon privileges have been removed. The following paged document this drama.

A brief aside – for the sake of convenience, I will be referring to the cats by the names of their owners. I do this because I couldn’t recall the pet names – there were so many furballs called “Buddy” and “Fluffy” and “Chainsaw Whiskers” that I couldn’t keep it straight – and because I believe that anyone willing to post about their pet for forty pages is obviously enamored enough with the thing to view such an anthropomorphic mashup of identity an honor, not an insult.

hoodrow trillson gets us started off.

1. Your cat is probably sleeping right now, knowing cats
2. Get a camera
3. Wake that lil bitch up
4. Take a picture of the face your cat makes (maybe wait for a good yawn)
5. Post that shit

A black person is there are no eyes here, in this valley of dying stars.

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barraGOUDA is too much cat for you.

bbf2 can’t…go on…

Braki just got back from Burning Man and doesn’t remember any of it.

burtonos questions whether you are truly in good hands with All-State.

cent0r is so happy his anime megapack just got shipped from Tokyo!!! ^_^

Clanpot Shake
taught Wilford Brimley everything he knows.

CropGuru suggests you reexamine your belief in a benevolent Creator.

Dalthas knows that when you outlaw guns, only cats will have guns; the laws of man cannot contain them.


Ooo, You’re my best friend… In a world we must defendddd

Courtesy of Bumpersticker on Facebook:


Which came first? The Pikachu pun, or the Raichu one?

Haha. I can’t get enough of these. If anyone can come up with a pun using Bulbasaur I will be thoroughly impressed. Or one with any other ridiculous Pokemon.

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Burned Pizza

This story I’m about to share is a real shame. Thanks to Jose Alfredo Gonzalez for posting a link on Facebook, which can be read entirely by clicking here.

vodka sauce

Polito’s a beloved restaurant for domers and South Bend townies alike burned down! The cause of the fire, according to the WNDU article is unknown, and no was was killed or injured. This, of course, is not good news to the soon to arrive students, as Polito’s was a quite popular destination for RA’s section dinners. Also, many students (my self included) would take their parents there to have a meal, as it was a unique South Bend entity (and not another average restaurant chain!). It most often served as a nice guys night out place (when we were motivated enough to ACTUALLY venture out into the real world for dinner at a decent hour) as they had excellent pizza, and cheap beer. Perhaps Polito’s most endearing item on the menu HAS to be their homemade Vodka Sauce!. It pretty much went with anything, but really hit the spot on pizza crust. I was looking forward to hitting up Polito’s when I went back to visit! What a shame!