FTDO: “Talking the Talk”

I just took a quiz on Facebook because I am that BORED here at work. Quizzes are much more fun than calling to enroll a patient in a patient assistance program. The results are in for my “American Accent”

Your Result: Northern Accent


Your accent is specific to New York State, the Great Lakes Area, and Western New England.

Even more proof that Florida is the New York (state) of the South. I’m kind of glad about this. I don’t like Southern drawl at all. It annoys me. I guess that’s because I hear it at work all day.

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From The Desk Of… “Currently Listening To:”

A fantastic Arctic Monkeys playlist.

Check it out by clicking on the link above!

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From The Desk Of… “Already?”

Yes, I just cursed audibly already. This one is going to be a tough one to break. At least I didn’t curse about breaking my promise of cursing! That would have been twice as bad. Instead, I punched my left palm with my right fist.


But wait. Is cursing only the words they don’t allow in mainstream media? Then I would be ok. The word was ok by FCC standards. 

Just kidding. Chalk it up as a violation. But no more. 😉

Now back to work.

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From The Desk Of… “Excuse Me, uh, Ma’am?”

This story comes from Mike Hatke’s early morning experience at a Chicago train station, which he promptly emailed. Good Work.

“Walking between train stations this morning someone in front of me
dropped their sunglasses. I picked them up and starting walking faster
to catch up with them. Longer hair, femine looking coat and bag, it’s
a woman right? I get up next to them and say, ‘excuse me ma’am, you
dropped these.’ this guy turns around and says ‘o thanks’ in a very
deep voice. oops. haha.”