Rock Band Release Tuesday


It’s Tuesday again! And that means, more Rock Band songs to possibly download! After last week’s throwback effort, Harmonix keeps the 80’s (and perhaps 70’s too!) in mind with the release of legendary Canadian rock band Rush’s album, Moving Pictures. This week, you’ll be able to download Guitar Hero 2 staple YYZ as well as an additional version (apparently the original) of Tom Sawyer. Also on the album are Red Barchetta, Limelight, The Camera Eye, Witch Hunt, and Vital Signs. No tier information has be released on the songs… so I can’t tell you about how easy/hard they will be, though from GH2, we can remember that YYZ was on tier 7 as the encore.

I actually haven’t been able to find note charts for the new songs anywhere! Though in my research, I was able to find this awesome clip of Rush playing Rock Band! They do not seem too amused… hehe… especially the drummer. As soon as I find some note charts, I’ll make a follow up post with them! Now to buy Slipknot’s new CD, and to the post office!


Rock Band Release Tuesday


I love Rock Band. Throughout cyberspace, there are plenty of forums full of flame wars regarding how the game requires no talent, and perhaps serves as a way to reduce the value of actually playing an instrument. Let’s not lie to ourselves. Playing a real guitar versus playing 5 buttons and a strummer (with an occasional whammy) is much more difficult, and requires much more practice… Every time I go to a concert, I can only stand in awe and acknowledge the superior skill required to handle chords, hand positions, rhythm, and multiple strings. And don’t get me started on drumset. Quite more intimidating than the four-padded set which comes with the game.

In either case, playing Rock Band, is FUN, and I enjoy the game to no end. Every Tuesday, I’ll briefly give a run down of the newly released songs, and any pertinent information regarding them. I’ll probably enclose a youtube video of the note charts if that interests you.

This week, the Roadrunner pack was released. The six songs/artists are of the Roadrunner label, which specializes in Heavy Metal music. Some notable artists on the Roadrunner label are of course, Slipknot, Cradle of Filth, Poison the Well, Lamb of God, Nickelback, and Megadeth, just to name a few. Check out the list of artists here. Or visit the Official Website Here.

Anywho, the list for this week

Aesthetics of Hate – Machine Head
Clouds over California – Devildriver
Constant Motion – Dream Theatre
My Curse – Killswitch Engage
Runnin’ Wild – Airbourne
Sleepwalker – Megadeth

If you remember the GH2 days, Hangar 18 may have been a nemesis of yours, especially on Expert. Guaranteed to spike your heart rate. So is the case with Sleepwalker. It is easily the hardest song created to date, is it is a Tier 9 song for guitar, drums, and vocals (8 for bass… what a break!). Here’s a clip of the insanity.

Guitar… the solos are ridiculous

Drums… Just ridiculous in general