Hurricane’s a Comin’ II


Annnnd here’s your 11 pm update, for all of you who are keeping tabs. All of the info is on the chart!


Soooo, as you can see, the pink area has been extended up to the Tampa Bay area. Great. So we’re under a hurricane watch here. Check out that black line. Yeah, that’s the projected path of the center of the storm. Hmm… it appears to go right over where I live. Double Greeaaaattt. But, we’re about positives here at the heap.. Thus, a rare and truly unique opportunity… to blog about the hurricane experience, has materialized! I’m stoked.

In fact, I have special “bonus” footage of 2004, when the last legitimate threat to Tampa occurred. Funny story… That was my first year at Notre Dame, and I came home to surprise my family in September! And well, Thanks to the hurricane, I was stuck in Tampa two extra days and I missed 3 exams! Luckily my profs were pretty nice about it. Anyway! The bonus footage! Check out these videos and pics!

It was kinda close, so we decided to board up…


The winds were strong enough to snap a tree in my Abuelo’s yard!


Being outside? Not a great idea, but you can see the horizontal rain and the strong gusts!

Driving around isn’t great either… but you get to see a huge uprooted tree and a fence blown over!

*Quick updates: Rays win 7-4, Bucs beat Patriots in the preseason 27-10, and Citrus Park got schooled by the Hawaii team 10-2.*

I’ll keep you heapsters. posted while I still have electricity!