Game Day: Michigan @ Notre Dame


It’s Week 2 of the Notre Dame football season, and we go from playing a relatively obscure opponent to playing Michigan, the only other program which can legitimately challenge our status as the most storied program in college football history. Did I happen to mention the intense rivalry? Can you feel the utter disdain for that one school north of us that probably gets worse weather? We can’t STAND each other. I know that when I see a UM car magnet or flag or bumper sticker even here in my southern confines of Florida, I die a little on the inside. I feel that I have to pull over on the side of the road and dry heave for a little. I feel like something needs to be done to this person which has violated my right to a clean, pollution free visualization of my world.

The Wolverines come in after a hard-fought 16-6 victory over the MAC’s Miami of Ohio. The offense seemed to finally be getting on the same page, though it was quite evident that Rich Rodriguez and “Fichigan” have some work to do after losing to ranked Utah and squeezing one out against the finest the MAC has to offer.


Of course, we are in a quite similar position, coming off a tight one with San Diego State, in which our offense had glimmers, instances, heck, even a quarter or two of brilliance, but also… glimmers, instances, and quarters which resembled last season waaaaay too much. We’ll have to see how Notre Dame plays against a young, athletic defense. Yet, the primary concern is facing the spread. We aren’t exactly the best with our defenders all over the place, let alone when we face normal formations. I can guarantee that UM should be a little better, and at the very least have more potent athletes. Defense will be a huge key to a Notre Dame Victory, as will special teams play.

It should be a good game, as we have two teams with similar abilities, but certainly lacking the usual luster/ importance of what the series has been in the past. Nevertheless, it should be entertaining, and I mean, who doesn’t love seeing the faces heartbroken fans who drove almost three hours? It should be another tight contest, but Notre Dame should pull it out because of that fabulous home field advantage! Weather reports have heavy rain right now, a few hours before game time. The Hourly Weather Report for South Bend has Rain/Thunder for the ENTIRE DAY, so because of the rain, the spread should be hindered a bit. We need to pound it, and most importantly, hold on to the ball. Notre Dame wins 24-20. And we have confirmed rain reports, at least for Michigan.