Dietary Math

When you’re on a diet, you become obsessed with math. You have to count calories, grams of fat, carbs, and fibers while managing how much you can eat a day or per week. And sometimes, you do math for fun, just to figure out how many slices of of pizza your “ration” is.

So, I introduce my lunch one day last week, Smart Ones pizza bites!

Warning: Picture of food is not to scale!

I guess you can consider this a sad bastardization of Bagel Bites… or perhaps we are just meant to eat 4 anyway! Regardless, I was intrigued to figure out how much pizza I was actually eating. While yes, I know I could have easily consulted the internet, I wanted to see what results I could get doing in the old fashioned way. Not to mention, I couldn’t pass on a chance to use Pi!

2010-04-20 15.24.28.jpg

Geometry at its best during my lunch break.

So, here’s a rundown. Each “bagelette” had a diameter of 2.5 in. So the radius of each is 1.25. Area of a circle is (Pi)r^2, and there were four of them. So you come out with an area of 19.635 square inches. I made this total area 1 eighth of the total hypothetical pizza pie I ate (so one slice of an x inch pizza!) So total area of the pizza was 157.08 square inches. So now you work backwards, dividing that by Pi getting approximately 50, then taking the square root, closes is 7 (root of 49). 7 is equal to the radius so diameter of the pizza in question was 14 inches!

So My little bagel bites were equal to once slice of a standard large pizza! Yikes!

smallheap.jpg image by jmooser

Burned Pizza

This story I’m about to share is a real shame. Thanks to Jose Alfredo Gonzalez for posting a link on Facebook, which can be read entirely by clicking here.

vodka sauce

Polito’s a beloved restaurant for domers and South Bend townies alike burned down! The cause of the fire, according to the WNDU article is unknown, and no was was killed or injured. This, of course, is not good news to the soon to arrive students, as Polito’s was a quite popular destination for RA’s section dinners. Also, many students (my self included) would take their parents there to have a meal, as it was a unique South Bend entity (and not another average restaurant chain!). It most often served as a nice guys night out place (when we were motivated enough to ACTUALLY venture out into the real world for dinner at a decent hour) as they had excellent pizza, and cheap beer. Perhaps Polito’s most endearing item on the menu HAS to be their homemade Vodka Sauce!. It pretty much went with anything, but really hit the spot on pizza crust. I was looking forward to hitting up Polito’s when I went back to visit! What a shame!