The Phoenix

The Heap rises from the ashes after a brief hiatus.

June hasn’t been the best of months. But then again, this is what happens when you have a month in which nothing happens. Sure, for many Northerners and school districts with absurd schedules, June spells a long awaited break from the world of academia. Other than that, what really happens in June? Flag Day?

Well I suppose there is Father’s Day. Along with other mythological holidays.

I guess it’s actually fortunate for friends with June birthdays. There’s nothing else to confuse it with. But the bottom line is, is that June is just there, and nothing too exciting happens on it’s own in June.

And then comes drama. Served on a silver platter. More than I could handle.

Enough to extinguish my own inspirational flames, hell, it downright extinguished any efforts or feelings for a while. People were pushed away as I slowly dissipated into a pile of ash. Apparently June is ripe for growing pains.

I’ve cried. I’ve shouted. I’ve been happy. I’ve been sad. I’ve worked hard. I’ve been lazy. I’ve dreamed. I’ve gone through a nightmare. I’ve loved. I’ve hated. I’ve been cold… dormant… stagnant… numb. But I am feeling again.

I miss writing. I’ve missed a lot of things. I was convinced I couldn’t heal, but I was wrong. The desire for writing, for excellence in everything is returning.

Reemergence from ashes doesn’t happen quickly- at least not in this life. But at least now I can see, I can feel the embers glowing and slowly burning.


On the Road Again

I’ve always loved to travel.

It doesn’t matter by what mode of transportation, as it usually leads to a thrilling adventure, a reunion of some sorts with people you love, or vacation. Even when the reasons aren’t so happy and ideal, traveling may lead to familial and friendly support, a temporary escape, or ultimate closure.

Last weekend, it was a trip to Austin, Texas, to see my significant other for Valentine’s Day. It was the first time that I’ve really actually gotten into V-Day, and well, the first time I’ve had the chance to take a girl out for it. As she pointed out, who would have thought it would have been in San Antonio.

I sure didn’t.

It was a romantic weekend. We decided to go down to San Antonio to eat dinner at a nice restaurant on the Riverwalk. It was a picturesque perfection that I can only hope we can top as we continue to be together, despite the persistent chilly breeze that made us cold and a wobbly table. Our first official Valentine’s. Unforgettable.

Today, it’s another reunion for me. I write from seat 6A on my Southwest flight to Chicago. There I will catch my connection to Omaha, Nebraska. It’s been nine months since I’ve seen my closest friends from Notre Dame. It will be wonderful to see them again and spend the little time that we’ll have together.

I guess it wasn’t until these past few weeks I’ve realized how much I enjoy flying. We know there are certain stresses that come with flying, such as worrying about finding overhead space for bags, getting through security with your belongings and dignity intact, and hoping you make connecting flights. But once you meet these challenges, you’re free. And you’re on a non-stop flight to the future.

Oh the freedom of flight.

For those few hours, you are free of the modern day ball and chain- the cell phone and the internet. Sure, people still know where you are. You’re on a flight! But there is no waiting for the next email or text or phone call. It can’t even be on.

It’s just you, your complimentary 6 ounces of your favorite Coke product, and fellow passengers.

Of course, even now there are business men and women typing away on their computers trying to meet deadlines. But we are free, if only temporarily, from the grasp the world has on us. Those 30,000 feet make all the difference. You can sit and take a breather from life almost, while peering down on it. It’s marvelous isn’t it? The countryside, the cities, the oceans. God’s partnership with mankind produces some wonders.

So anytime that you heapsters are on the road again, remember to enjoy those precious moments of tranquility. It’s only a matter of time until you arrive at the Future, where you’ll activate again your social shackles getting to where you have to go and doing what you have to do.