My Twin?

An email sent by our beloved resident New Yorker John Gleason:

Subject: Josh’s Twin

I was on youtube and saw this video of Luciano Pavarotti performing in a movie.  Is it just me or does he kinda look like Josh when he’s singing?  I might just be crazy but when he started doing those facial expressions, I thought he looked just like you Josh, that and the hairstyle.

I knew my infamous Rock Band singing would leave indeliable, blissful memories! And in Italian! Obviously my twin! I am quite excited about this discovery.

My facial expressions are far more exaggerated, but of course, what DON’T I usually exaggerate?

Response video, anyone? Though, I wouldn’t be singing Un’opera in Italiano. Instead, we ALL know it would be Coheed and Cambria’s Welcome Home or Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects.

Sigh. That last one, and its significance. 🙂

Enjoy the video and have a good laugh. Your heapmaster is similar in appearence to Pavoratti, sans the Renaissance Era blacksmith outfit.

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Weekend Purchases

It’s rare that I actually buy something for myself that you could consider a splurge. Especially wth how tight money has been, it’s all been going toward student loan payments, paying off my credit cards and straight to the bank. I’ll spend money to go out and have some drinks or see a movie. Some days I’ll even buy a nice shirt or two, but these I used a lot.

But at last, this Friday, I decided I needed to buy a little something for me to enjoy.

It began innocently enough a few weeks back. The Watchmen movie hype was building and my friend Chaz’s new endeavor is to read the book of an upcoming movie. So it came to pass that he let me borrow his copy of the graphic novel Watchmen. I was absolutely hooked after a chapter. The collection became a must purchase after reading Chapter IV. So after work on Friday, in celebration of the weekend, I decided to hit up the nearest bookstore and buy my own copy.

And then I took  wrong turn.

I was heading the normal way home. It totally slipped my mind. So I think to myself, whre is the nearest bookstore?

It’s at the mall.

Dangerous territory. I LOVE shopping. I knew my wallet would be a casualty of my obsession. Luckily, Sears has less than desirable clothing, so I was able to scurry through there quite easily. The bookstore is right outside, so there was a chance to escape relatively unscathed.

Watchmen was waiting for me on the first shelf as I walked in. I quickly picked out a copy and bought it. This was perhaps my mistake. I looked at the time, I smelled the aroma of food court Oriental food, and I saw the bright lights and flashy displays outside of the bookstore. And I soon walked in that direction.

In all seriousness, I can control myself and not buy ridiculous things. It was just wonderful to start out my weekend like this, just walking around and looking at clothes. I finally was able to relax after a tiring, stressful week. I went to Burlington Coat Factory to see if there was anything nice… and of course there was. In particular, I found a very nice light green graphic T shirt. I just couldn’t convince myself to buy it.

So I moved on.

Then came Macy’s. A great selection, but a little too pricey for now. And by this point, I wasn’t looking to spend my money anyway.

Then I ventured into GameStop, just to see if there was anything new. Oh the horror.

Buy Two Pre Owned games, Get 1 Free.

So I looked, and I looked, and I reviewed and looked. And I finally decided on my games.

Rock Band

The game that ushered in a new era of “co op” or party gaming. I have RB2, but I was needing the songs from RB1. And once I get Xbox Live in a few weeks, it will all be neatly organized on the Xbox hardrive. This was the “free” game.

Halo 3

To complete my collection, I had to have 3. Plus it’s still fun to play on Live, I’m sure… until I get pwned by 12 year olds… which could happen sooner than you think. I haven’t played in a LONG time!

Call of Duty: World at War

This game has to have the most amazing graphics I have ever seen. The game play is challenging. A STEEP learning curve awaits any wanna-be privates out there. But it is definitely fun, and an appeal to gamer patience, rational, and strategy. My patience is getting better… but I still can’t stand getting killed by grenades!

So all in all, it was a great little spending spree. I’m addicted to CoD 5, and it sounds so scary on surround sound! I will have to pop Halo in soon to see how the story ends!

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Rock Band Release Tuesday


Today’s RB release Tuesday is quite special because this past Sunday, September 14th, Rock Band 2 was released! The new game is already getting phenomenal reviews, scoring 9/10 from IGN and Xbox Magazine, just to name a few. Check out a collusion of many reviews here: Rock Band 2 on

As you might have guessed, it isn’t really a whole new entire game. The gameplay remains the same for the most part, and the interface looks almost identical, though admittedly it does look sharper and more polished up. The addition of new modes and the tweaking of gameplay aspects of the first game all add up to a respectable, and certainly purchasable sequel. One mode that will certainly be family (or drunk) friendly is the option of a “No Fail Mode.” So handing the drum sticks over to grandma won’t seem as questionable as bringning in troy Percival anymore. Plus, actually having your family play with you without the downer of failing the song is great, not to mention fun and a great family activity.

I also like the freestyle. I can guarantee that there are quite a few of us out there that have wanted to drum along with some of our favorite (legally downloaded) songs! The freestyle mode allows this, as you can drum over any MP3 file you have on your 360 or PS3!

The trainers I’ve read are pretty cool too, as you are taught some techniques and beats on drums which can aid in your own personal transformation from drum neophyte to the Joey Jordison of rubber pads and plastic foot pedals!

And of course, the soundtrack, all of master recordings, is pretty amazing- perhaps the best possible combination of classics and modern songs! If you want to check out the list of songs on Rock Band 2 out for your self, click here: Rock Band 2 Song List!.

Here at the heap. we don’t have an xbox 360, let alone any of those types of games. We’re just avid enthusiasts… and we love the friends that have the game and let us jam.

Along with Sunday’s release of RB2, there were a few new songs added as well. On September 11, TV personality Stephen Colbert’s “band” Stephen and the Colberts only known song called Charlene (I’m Right Behind You). Today, four songs from four bands on the “Rock Band Tour” concert released songs. A band called The Cab released One of Those Nights. Panic At The Disco released She’s A Hansdsome Woman from their new album Pretty Odd. Plain White T’s catchy song Natural Disaster (which I’ve seen live) is also available along side Dashboard Confessional’s classic Hands Down. If that isn’t enough, Megadeth’s entire album Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying?, guaranteed to be pretty darn hard! We’ll leave you with some Videos of the DLC and some highlights of RB2!

Any Way You Like It – Journey (RB2)

Drums of Natural Disaster – Plain White T’s

Guitar of Hands Down – Dashboard Confessional

Whole Band of One Step Closer – Linkin Park (RB2)

Vocals Drums and Guitar Carry On Wayward Son – Kansas (For Wade!)


Rock Band Release Tuesday


Our second addition of RBR Tuesday here at the heap. in September! This weekend we should have a special treat here, because as you might have known already, Rock Band 2 comes out (just the game disc) on September 14! But we can’t let this excitement stop our coverage of the here and now. This week, Harmonix released three new songs by the band All That Remains. You may remember them vaguely if you played GH2, as one of their songs was a “purchasable” song, the song Six, which was pretty F’ing hard! Yep, you can definitely expect the same this time around too, as the guitar/ drum parts are a Tier 7 minimum. But at least you catch a considerable break on vocals on 2 of the 3 songs and bass for all of the three right? The three tracks released are This Calling, Chiron, and Two Weeks. Now, to the film!

That’s the drum part for This Calling. Tier 9. Impossible. Don’t know how this guy passes. Kudos to him.

Guitar for Chiron. Looks tough, but it looks really fun actually!

And Guitar for Two Weeks. I looove the main riff!


Rock Band Release Tuesday


Another Tuesday, another set of songs available for play on Rock Band! Though I must admit, these last two weeks have been a bit disappointing. And let’s not even get started on last weeks Rush fiasco. I’m sorry for not updating you all on that, but I figured I would just wait until Tuesday, and really, I just liked the video of Rush actually playing the game! It turns out that Rush’s album Moving Pictures was NOT able to be released due to some technical glitches. So in return, later last week, Activision released three songs by a band called Locksley. The three songs are named All Over Again, She Does, and Don’t Make Me Wait. Here’s a clip of the guitar part from “All Over Again.” The song sounds pretty chill. I like the sound of it! The guitar part is pretty simple though… just one of those songs you don’t have to worry about when you play together!

Here’s the drums from “She Does.” They sound kind of like Jet. It’s pretty decent I think.

And now for this week. This week’s pack is called the PAX 2008 Collection, for Penny Arcade Expo. Three more songs were released, Skullcrusher Mountain by Jonathan Coulton, Livin’ on the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe by MC Frontalot featuring Brad Sucks and Shhh… by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. Sound like winners to me… Well in all seriousness. Let check a few of these out. The first clip is of the guitar part of “Skullcrusher Mountain.” It’s definitely NOT what you expect. The lyrics are kinda strange, and it almost turns into a country song. SO weird.

Here’s the drums to “Livin’ on the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe” It’s pretty catchy. The drums part is pretty solid too.

And for good measure the bass part of “Shhh…”


Rock Band Release Tuesday


It’s Tuesday again! And that means, more Rock Band songs to possibly download! After last week’s throwback effort, Harmonix keeps the 80’s (and perhaps 70’s too!) in mind with the release of legendary Canadian rock band Rush’s album, Moving Pictures. This week, you’ll be able to download Guitar Hero 2 staple YYZ as well as an additional version (apparently the original) of Tom Sawyer. Also on the album are Red Barchetta, Limelight, The Camera Eye, Witch Hunt, and Vital Signs. No tier information has be released on the songs… so I can’t tell you about how easy/hard they will be, though from GH2, we can remember that YYZ was on tier 7 as the encore.

I actually haven’t been able to find note charts for the new songs anywhere! Though in my research, I was able to find this awesome clip of Rush playing Rock Band! They do not seem too amused… hehe… especially the drummer. As soon as I find some note charts, I’ll make a follow up post with them! Now to buy Slipknot’s new CD, and to the post office!


Rock Band Release Tuesday


It’s Tuesday, and that means…
New DLC for Rock Band. Today, 5 new songs were released, and I’m sad to say that they aren’t really recognizable to me! Nevertheless, we’ll tell you what the songs are, and who sings them! After last week’s release of extremely difficult songs, Harmonix has given us a temporary break! Two of the songs are by the band Devo. Yes, THAT band which sings the song “Whip it,” which unfortunately is not part of the DLC. Instead, the songs are “Through Being Cool” and “Girl You Want” (Tier 3 band). Also from the realm of the 80’s comes Duran Duran with “Rio” and “Girls on Film” (Tier 4 Band). And Lastly, a 99 cent song by a band called The Janitors called “Get Your Rock On” (Tier 2 Band).

Here’s the Drums to “Girls on Film” It looks fun, and certainly more doable than last week!

And in keeping with the Girl theme, Devo’s “Girl U Want” on Guitar. Gets pretty repetitive and over all the chart is easy. Vocals sound like they could pose a problem though!


Rock Band Release Tuesday


I love Rock Band. Throughout cyberspace, there are plenty of forums full of flame wars regarding how the game requires no talent, and perhaps serves as a way to reduce the value of actually playing an instrument. Let’s not lie to ourselves. Playing a real guitar versus playing 5 buttons and a strummer (with an occasional whammy) is much more difficult, and requires much more practice… Every time I go to a concert, I can only stand in awe and acknowledge the superior skill required to handle chords, hand positions, rhythm, and multiple strings. And don’t get me started on drumset. Quite more intimidating than the four-padded set which comes with the game.

In either case, playing Rock Band, is FUN, and I enjoy the game to no end. Every Tuesday, I’ll briefly give a run down of the newly released songs, and any pertinent information regarding them. I’ll probably enclose a youtube video of the note charts if that interests you.

This week, the Roadrunner pack was released. The six songs/artists are of the Roadrunner label, which specializes in Heavy Metal music. Some notable artists on the Roadrunner label are of course, Slipknot, Cradle of Filth, Poison the Well, Lamb of God, Nickelback, and Megadeth, just to name a few. Check out the list of artists here. Or visit the Official Website Here.

Anywho, the list for this week

Aesthetics of Hate – Machine Head
Clouds over California – Devildriver
Constant Motion – Dream Theatre
My Curse – Killswitch Engage
Runnin’ Wild – Airbourne
Sleepwalker – Megadeth

If you remember the GH2 days, Hangar 18 may have been a nemesis of yours, especially on Expert. Guaranteed to spike your heart rate. So is the case with Sleepwalker. It is easily the hardest song created to date, is it is a Tier 9 song for guitar, drums, and vocals (8 for bass… what a break!). Here’s a clip of the insanity.

Guitar… the solos are ridiculous

Drums… Just ridiculous in general