The Beer Corner: Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale

The Pink Bottle was more than enough reason to fire up the old blog and review our first beer in over a year! Rogue is notorious for their creativity when it comes to microbrewing. As far as I’m concerned, the Bacon Maple Ale takes the cake creativity wise… but is it actually good?

Poured into the official Beer Corner beer sampling mug at fridge temperature!

Pouring: Pours smoothly, but activates the ridiculous aroma of the concoction. Poured to induce formation of a small foamy head, as it appeared that it would not have happened without help.

Smell: Strong smell of maple, with less intense bacon and smoke. Definitely a unique smell among the beers I have had in my life!

Sounds: The usual sound of a pour. No extreme sounds of over carbonation, light bubbling with head heard.

Sights: Nice slight dark orange color, almost like copper. A slightly smaller than fingertip white head appears, but quickly subsides, minimal lacing.

Taste: The sweetness of the maple is the first to hit, followed by hints of bacon. However, it is overpowered by almost extreme smokiness. And it stays with you as a nice smokey aftertaste. It does detract from the experience.

Overall: I enjoyed this beer, though I’m trying to decide if it’s merely a novelty for me, or if it’s something I would hop on if it we at a bar. I certainly is better than a “one-timer” in my opinion, but then again, the smokey aftertaste does make it a less than desirable beverage. I again have to give it to Rogue for their creativity, and for actually delivering on what may seem as a gimmicky beer!

7 / 10 Bags (Grade: B)