FTDO: “It’s Never Too Early”

To start campaigning for the next presidential election. While at The Heap we wouldn’t endanger our country by actually voting Sarah Palin into office in 2012, we would love to vote for whoever came up with the sign.

Rock the Vote


The first Tuesday of November is here, meaning Election Day is upon us here in the Unitd States. One Third of the Senate is up for grabs, and a strong Democratic showing will all but ensure a filibuster-proof Democratic majority Senate. Most of the seats in the House are up for election as well. But of course, the main event is the race for the White House.

It is a historic election already. An African American is a presidential candidate for one of the two major parties, and a woman is a vice-presidential candidate for the other party. So either way, a historic event will happen in a few hours. It’s Barack Obama and Joe Biden vs. John McCain and Sarah Palin in an election for the history books.

Who will America choose? More importantly, who will you choose?

Exercise your right to vote if you haven’t already. Even if you are in a traditionally red or blue state, I really feel its a cool experience anyway. And it’s a right that others don’t have in the world. So get out there and vote for the candidates your heart desires! That’s the beauty of it!

But it must be said that Senator Obama’s campaign has received the ever so important endorsement of the heap. and it’s contributors! It could prove to be game breaker, especially here in Florida.

That is, if we can get our act together and actually COUNT the votes this year.

smallheap.jpg image by jmooser