Hurricane’s a Comin’ I


Well, this update will primarily affect all you Florida heapsters. out there. I know that here in Tampa we has a history of being teased by hurricanes. We all remember the numerous “hurricane days” we’ve had like in high school, only to have perhaps some of the most perfect weather of the summer. I really don’t think that will be the case this time around. So if you are on the bottom half of the peninsula (primarily the keys or west coast), you might want to check out you local news source’s website, or flip on your tv for updates.
Here is Tampa’s source:
Here is the National Hurricane Center.


Here’s a nice map detailing the oncoming threat. I’m technically not under an advisory yet, but I’m sure that will change in the next 12 hours or so. This is the 11 am advisory, and new ones come out every three hours. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be a manic updater on this, I mean, it is gorgeous today! An I mean, I won’t have to do the trash for a day (probably tuesday)! But, as things change, I’ll keep you all posted.


Bay Watch II

And we have a winner. B-R-E-T-T is going to the Jets Jets Jets. The New York Jets and the Pack have come to an agreement which will send Brett Favre to the Jets and NOT to the Bucs. Fox Sports broke the story, and senior writer Jay Glazer already has a nice little article which you can read here, which explains the situation. Both teams come out winners, as the Jets upgrade at the quarterback position (especially in durability) and the Packers unload Favre to the AFC. A deal to the Bucs would have resulted in one guaranteed meeting, since the Bucs and Packers play this season, and perhaps a post season showdown as well.

I feel that the Bucs come out on top as well. Jeff Garcia is enough of a locker room presence, and a proven leader. Oh yeah… he’s not too bad at playing football either. His frustration with the situation has been publicized, but he’s been as classy as you can be. We, of course, here at the heap., love it when a trash is met with class. Today at camp, after the afternoon session, as reported by Bucs blogger Roy Cummings as Garcia was walking to the locker room, a reporter yelled out that Garcia was walking the Green Mile, to which he resonded, “Yeah, Dead Man Walking. We can only hope that despite the clear interest in Favre, the Buccaneer quarterbacks can put it behind them and continue to gel and develop. As for the Jets… adios Chad Pennington.

I’ve been getting some comments about the heavily sports themed posts. Not to worry, we’ll begin much different content tomorrow!