The Beer Corner: A Correction

Just a quick post to update a previous review. After careful deliberation and thought, I have increased the rating of Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout to 9 / 10 Bags. I felt I was a bit conservative with the initial rating. All the others I have done were right where I wanted them, but I’ve caught myself raving about it to a few people in the past few weeks.

I’ve also decided to implement a simpler rating system. Don’t worry, the bags will remain, but accompanying reviews will be a traditional letter grade system as well. The scale won’t be set in stone. For example a 8.5 could be an A- of a B+. It will just depend what I feel the beer deserves.

I’ll be going back now to add letter grades to all previous reviews (of all types, not just TBC reviews).

Thanks for reading, and I should have some new posts after the Bucs game!

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heapsters! Don’t think that I have abandoned you in your time of greatest need of reading! I’m still here! Sorry for not being able to update lately, but I just started a new job ON TOP OF being your loyal trash man. So now a days I’m working from 6:30-4 M-Th and 6:30-3 F with the trash usually running from 8-10:30 on Su-Th. It’s really not that bad, but I’ll get into specifics in a future TTMC. I have to finish the Austin ones first! And on top of that, I’ve just been enjoying the ride the Rays have been providing us long suffering fans! They cruised right ino the ALCS. The Boston Red Sox and mythical history stand between the Rays and a berth in the World Series! First game is on Friday!

This weekend I will post the Number 1 movie in our epic countdown, finally. I would have done it earlier this week, but I have been pretty tired… squeezing in naps here and there. Also, you can expect a new music review soon as well as the review of Righteous Kill. Lastly, 97X, our local alternative rock station here has announced the line up for “Next Big Thing,” their HUGE concert which is annually held in December… usually when I’ve still been at Notre Dame! This it the first time I’ll be able to go! So I’ll just give a little run down of the line up… it is EPIC!

I also have not forgotten about RBR Tuesdays! I’ll get those back on track soon!

That’s all for now.