Happy 4th of July From The Heap!


Here’s to you, heapsters. Hope that you and your family continue to have a safe and fun holiday. Do what the forefathers would want us to do, like eat 60 hotdogs in one sitting, watch cars race around in a 2.5 mile oval with gas prices close to 3 dollars a gallon, and, where it’s legal of course, buy enough fireworks to make Michael Bay proud!

As for The Heap, we just usually take it easy on the 4th. Nothing too special is done. We’ll grill out and eat (and drink) more than we should. Then the family usually goes to Temple Terrace to watch the fireworks show from our parish’s lawn! All of this done while sporting my US soccer jersey shirt. That’s patriotism right there.

By the way, the US Men’s National Team plays the opener for the Gold Cup tonight on Fox Soccer Channel at 9 pm against Grenada. (Well, the “B” team is playing… no one from the Confederations’ Cup is in the starting line up tonight!)

4thofjuly005.jpg picture by jmooser

Nothing like a grill with meat on it. Your Heapmaster was hard at work just minutes ago preparing some burgers. They were delicious. I highly recommend the burgers from Omaha Steaks. Just make sure to uh, over-defrost them… they break quite easily!

4thofjuly001.jpg picture by jmooser

So again, Happy 4th from my heap to yours. Appreciate our freedom, even if we have to pay for it sometimes!


The Redeem Team… and other Olympic Tidbits


It’s nice to actually be up a decent hour! This means that I can actually watch the Olympics in the living room (since the remote to MY tv is still in Texas). Perhaps the best part of the morning? Hearing the old NBC NBA basketball theme song during the US – Greece game. If you miss it as much as I do (but not so much the NBA itself) you can listen to it by watching this clip from youtube!

The USA basketball team was affectionately dubbed as so by the media prior to today’s basketball game between USA and Greece. All the talk leading up to the game surrounded the victory by the Greeks in the FIBA semifinals against the United States, a 101 – 95 upset. Today’s game had a different outcome, as the US totally dominated for most of the match beating the Greeks comfortably 92 – 69. A much improved defense and noticeable chemistry s probably attributed to the program’s new head coach Mike Krzyzewski, and he means business. He, of course, brings his Duke coaching expertise to the table, and has managed to forge a skilled basketball-playing machine from a conglomerate of professional athletes. Oh, and he has their respect too. The win improves the US to 3-0, and makes the highly anticipated showdown between the US and Spain even more dramatic, as both teams will enter the game with undefeated records. Catch it Saturday morning at 10! (Just your classic Coach K instructional pic… with ‘Melo listening)


Men’s soccer disappoints… AGAIN. They didn’t even have to worry about being on European soil! After a narrow escape from Japan in the opening match, the Dutch seemed to have knocked the life out of the US with a goal in stoppage time to force a 2-2 draw. This left the US the manageable task of simply drawing or beating the Nigerians. The US simply could not finish their chances, having plenty of them despite a 3rd minute red card to Michael Orozco, which left them a man down for the rest of the match. This pic definitely captures the spirit of the moment. Very down.

us losers

Women’s soccer moved on to the quarterfinals. No surprise there. We’ll see how they match up against stiffer competition, especially with the absence of Abby Wambach.

Some random notes: Cuba won a gold in Greco-Roman wrestling. The first few matches I saw were pretty boring… just a lot of maintaining the advantage in the defensive position. But of course, leave it to the Russians to kick it up a notch. Badminton is probably the craziest sport I’ve ever seen on TV. The announcers said that strikes of the shuttlecock can exceed 200 miles per hour!?! That’s faster than jai alai! The reflexes required are ridiculous. Currently, its South Korea and Great Britain. Annnnnd James Blake just took the first set from Roger Federer in men’s olympic singles tennis. That’s only Blake’s second set win against Federer out of the 23 they have played against each other. Wowsers.


Edit: Blake “just” (darn tape delay) won the match, 6-4 7-6 (7-3) moving him to the semis! Congrats James!