Return of the… Heapmaster?

I really can’t believe it has been SIX months since I have last written on here. It’s something that I have missed, to some extent, but haven’t really been able to motivate myself to just finally get on here and write about anything and everything that has been going on. Of course, my primary laptop breaking didn’t help things, as well as my Motorola Xoom being a tough cookie to blog on, it being without a physical keyboard. (Of which they now have a keyboard case which I will buy soon! But the Xoom is for another entry)

Nevertheless, I should never abandon this outlet for this long again. I will spare you the usual spiel regarding my absence, and the resulting promise of renewed interest and dedication to the cause. We both know that for whatever reason, I could be having the time of my life writing, and I will just randomly… stop.

However, I am back for now!

The Heap will continue being a trusted source of reviews of all sorts. I’d like to (again) try to incorporate more music into the blog. So I will hopefully be laying out some reviews of albums I purchase, rants for or against songs or artists, or perhaps just some cool entries about shows I get to go to.

I will also have a segment called Wilfred Weekly, in which I will discuss the week’s episode of FX’s new comedy, Wilfred. If you haven’t checked it out, they are only two episodes in, and I highly recommend it. (This is coming from someone who seldom watches TV for anything other than sports or horrible movies that USA and TBS are playing on the weekends)

I’ll also have a nice life update a la Trashman Chronicles, since I haven’t given one in a while, for all of you friends abroad.

And no, The Beer Corner is not going anywhere! However, the newest edition of The Recycling Project might limit entries, as I prepare to lose some serious weight.

smallheap.jpg image by jmooser


Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and you learn as you go.

Nothing is exactly what has been written here at the heap. in a very, very long time. How I’ve missed writing for heapsters around the globe. I’ve missed writing for myself. Writing is indeed an exploration- not only as a palpable transcription of one’s own exploration of heart, mind and body. It involves a literal exploration of life. As the year was winding down, I had lost my way. Trapped by the snares of overwhelming responsibily, it seemed that perhaps the fire behind my prolific writing would at last come to a insignificant, smoldering end.

The world can do that to you. To any one.

Time becomes a valued commodity in one’s day, and all of the sudden tons of tasks can be done before, or dare I say, instead of writing. Oh yes, sometimes a day can leave a dirty, bitter taste in your mouth. You come home from whatever it is- be it school or work, and you just start feeling like a heap.

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love what I do in my life. But you can’t also forget to do what you love. You can’t be buried under any sort of heap, whether it be PAP applications, prescriptions, Constitutional Law books, or even literally trash bags. In the end, it’s all just one heap of excuses.

Love what you, and do what you love.

For me, it’s writing here, adding on to my little heap of posts in cyberspace.

One post at a time.