At Last, It’s Here

My card finally came in. Time to create my gamertag and let myself get utterly destroyed by pre-pubescent boys.

I finally beat Call of Duty: World at War yesterday after being in the Reichstag for frickin ever. That last part trying to get out is absurd. Convenient how there are an infinite number of Nazi soldiers. I guess that’s ok since I have an infinite number of lives… Note to other gamers. For the love of God try your best to take out that MG. That is one of the most annoying obstacles in gaming I have ever encountered!

I beat it on normal, and I can’t imagine how frustrating it will be on harder difficulties. One shot and you’re done? I can see that.

Anyway, I’m creating my account as I type this, lets see what my gamertag will be…

XBox Live Gamertag: TheMooSeling

And I’m off and running. Lord knows I’ll be playing all night. If you have Live, add me!

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Almost Live

I am approximately 1 day away from joining the Xbox live community. I only waited like 4 years to get my Xbox 360… so why not wait a few more months for my return to Live. I had it back in the day with the original Xbox. Back when I was able to dominate the Halo 2 world. This will most likely not be the case now. I am out of practice, and well,¬† just have a feeling the 12 year olds out there are just too good. I can’t manage to win at anything, not even Rock Band or Guitar Hero! I’m particularly excited for Call of Duty World at War. That HAS to be insane.

I just finished installing the “New Xbox Experience.” I got to make my own little avatar… which seems to curiously borrow from the Wii’s “Mii” concept… Nevertheless, I like the new interface, and I can’t wait to try it out when my membership card arrives tomorrow or Friday!

Looks like it’s going to be a fun weekend.

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Weekend Purchases

It’s rare that I actually buy something for myself that you could consider a splurge. Especially wth how tight money has been, it’s all been going toward student loan payments, paying off my credit cards and straight to the bank. I’ll spend money to go out and have some drinks or see a movie. Some days I’ll even buy a nice shirt or two, but these I used a lot.

But at last, this Friday, I decided I needed to buy a little something for me to enjoy.

It began innocently enough a few weeks back. The Watchmen movie hype was building and my friend Chaz’s new endeavor is to read the book of an upcoming movie. So it came to pass that he let me borrow his copy of the graphic novel Watchmen. I was absolutely hooked after a chapter. The collection became a must purchase after reading Chapter IV. So after work on Friday, in celebration of the weekend, I decided to hit up the nearest bookstore and buy my own copy.

And then I took  wrong turn.

I was heading the normal way home. It totally slipped my mind. So I think to myself, whre is the nearest bookstore?

It’s at the mall.

Dangerous territory. I LOVE shopping. I knew my wallet would be a casualty of my obsession. Luckily, Sears has less than desirable clothing, so I was able to scurry through there quite easily. The bookstore is right outside, so there was a chance to escape relatively unscathed.

Watchmen was waiting for me on the first shelf as I walked in. I quickly picked out a copy and bought it. This was perhaps my mistake. I looked at the time, I smelled the aroma of food court Oriental food, and I saw the bright lights and flashy displays outside of the bookstore. And I soon walked in that direction.

In all seriousness, I can control myself and not buy ridiculous things. It was just wonderful to start out my weekend like this, just walking around and looking at clothes. I finally was able to relax after a tiring, stressful week. I went to Burlington Coat Factory to see if there was anything nice… and of course there was. In particular, I found a very nice light green graphic T shirt. I just couldn’t convince myself to buy it.

So I moved on.

Then came Macy’s. A great selection, but a little too pricey for now. And by this point, I wasn’t looking to spend my money anyway.

Then I ventured into GameStop, just to see if there was anything new. Oh the horror.

Buy Two Pre Owned games, Get 1 Free.

So I looked, and I looked, and I reviewed and looked. And I finally decided on my games.

Rock Band

The game that ushered in a new era of “co op” or party gaming. I have RB2, but I was needing the songs from RB1. And once I get Xbox Live in a few weeks, it will all be neatly organized on the Xbox hardrive. This was the “free” game.

Halo 3

To complete my collection, I had to have 3. Plus it’s still fun to play on Live, I’m sure… until I get pwned by 12 year olds… which could happen sooner than you think. I haven’t played in a LONG time!

Call of Duty: World at War

This game has to have the most amazing graphics I have ever seen. The game play is challenging. A STEEP learning curve awaits any wanna-be privates out there. But it is definitely fun, and an appeal to gamer patience, rational, and strategy. My patience is getting better… but I still can’t stand getting killed by grenades!

So all in all, it was a great little spending spree. I’m addicted to CoD 5, and it sounds so scary on surround sound! I will have to pop Halo in soon to see how the story ends!

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Hello Tax Return!

Thanks for stopping by.

It was nice to see the spectacular effect you had on my checking account by finally arriving where you belonged in the first place. Who knew such tidings of joy could arrive so quickly? It was like biting into a Snickers bar, only that it was electronically posted to my mouth.

Technology is such a beautiful thing.

Let me savor you. Let me look in amazement and feel accomplished that I am farther away from zero than I have been in a while.

Let me feel “stimulated.”

Now Tax Return, since you have brought happiness to my long day today, you may choose where you wish to go, or what you wish to become. Do I hear a new shirt? Perhaps a new video game? Finally getting on Xbox Live? Tell me. Be what it may. Perhaps you would like to be transferred to Savings so you can stay a long while with me?

What’s this? You have to go? What do you mean? You choose to pay off some bills?

Say it ain’t so!

You’ve only been in the comfort of my account for 5 minutes! How could you leave so quickly? How could you choose to be spent in such haste?

I guess you’re right. Thanks for stopping by again.

And that is how I managed to use my entire 2008 Tax Return in 5 minutes. True story.

Adios to Dell and Best Buy. Now I can concentrate on the ole credit card. I’ll be so happy once that is paid!

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