The End of Civilization

My mom had this video mailed to her by one of her coworkers, and as usual, she forwards all of that lovely chain mail to me. Luckily, this time it was a hilarious clip. I have never seen this before! The face at the end is priceless. I guess this is appropriate today, since California upheld the ban on same sex marriage.


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Would the Good People like a Reply?

This commercial makes me laugh every time I see it. Especially by the end of it!

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In This Club

Perhaps the greatest collection of musically talented rodents, forest dwellers, ventriloquists, and heavenly bodies to ever grace the stage of a children’s pizza parlor… The Rock-afire Explosion is a set of animatronic characters from the 80’s and 90’s that were the centerpiece of “Showbiz Pizza” parlors.

Though they group was disbanded in the mid 90’s due to “contract disputes” hardcore fans have been trying to get them back together. Heck, they’ve even programmed them to sing to present day songs. Thanks to Mike Hatke for providing the youtube link.

Without further ado, The Rock-afire Explosion performs Usher’s “In this Club!”

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From The Desk Of… “Working Hard… On Making YouTube Videos”

And the Notre Dame Basketball team loses again, finally putting an end to a dismal season that was once spewing with utmost optimism. Well, let me correct myself. The NIT still remains, which could prove to be the ultimate display of (sub) mediocrity.

Anyway, in response to Mike Hatke’s request, I have made a special video commemorating the accomplishments of the season. Enjoy.

Can you believe it? The season summed up in about 8 seconds by a 4 second sound clip and a picture which had become a regular occurence this season.

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At least we’ll have a Hansbrough next season.

Rockin’ That Thing- Remix?

Not that the original song isn’t good enough. But this remix is so good! (The Dream, Luda, Fabolous, Jules Santana, et al. + a goofy intro from DJ Khaled!

My only question is: Where can I get a leather baseball cap?

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So You’re Sayin’ There’s a Chance!

Sometime it’s this quote from the movie Dumb and Dumber that gives hope to the long shots, especially when it comes to a really, really attractive girl.

Rumor on the street is that Megan Fox broke off her engagement to some now insignificant dude (Brian Austin Green, whoever that is!). So I hear she’s single and ready to mingle.

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So you’re saying there’s- uh, no. There is no chance. But at least we can oogle.

Well, at least I have Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to look forward to! I don’t think many of us have forgotten her signature scene in the first one, where she fixes up Shia’s broken down hoopty.

Absurd. I remember seeing this downtown at Channelside. Let’s just say the reaction was a collective “Wow, OMG” from the guys in the theatre. I don’t think you can blame anyone there.

Actress Megan Fox attends the premiere of the motion picture thriller "Eagle Eye", at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles on September 16, 2008.   (UPI Photo/Jim Ruymen)

And just one more random pic. I don’t even know what to write. Uh, nice rocks? Oh and by the way, you’re hot. Though I don’t know if I’m diggin’ the forearm bracelets. But I’ll let it slide.

I leave you with this hilarious video I found on Youtube when I was searching for Megan Fox clips. Instead I found a very tabloidish update by a video blogger named Philip DeFranco. Hilarious stuff. He apparently makes a new video M-F by 5pm on the latest going on in the world. The piece on Megan Fox as well as the ball crusher are great.

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Rock Band Release Tuesday


It’s Tuesday, and that means…
New DLC for Rock Band. Today, 5 new songs were released, and I’m sad to say that they aren’t really recognizable to me! Nevertheless, we’ll tell you what the songs are, and who sings them! After last week’s release of extremely difficult songs, Harmonix has given us a temporary break! Two of the songs are by the band Devo. Yes, THAT band which sings the song “Whip it,” which unfortunately is not part of the DLC. Instead, the songs are “Through Being Cool” and “Girl You Want” (Tier 3 band). Also from the realm of the 80’s comes Duran Duran with “Rio” and “Girls on Film” (Tier 4 Band). And Lastly, a 99 cent song by a band called The Janitors called “Get Your Rock On” (Tier 2 Band).

Here’s the Drums to “Girls on Film” It looks fun, and certainly more doable than last week!

And in keeping with the Girl theme, Devo’s “Girl U Want” on Guitar. Gets pretty repetitive and over all the chart is easy. Vocals sound like they could pose a problem though!