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About the heap:

The Heap is nothing more than the amassing collection of content assembled by the author. Inspired by the mountains of trash bags he faces almost daily at his part time job, this blog is a beloved hobby and an expression of self. It also serves as a legitimate arena to practice and further his skills of creative and analytical writing. At the same time, he aims to give a soft, sarcastic take on world events and popular culture, because life’s already too serious to be taken seriously.

So The Heap is exactly what it implies: a heap of opinions, pictures, narratives, reviews, reflections, referrals to other blogs, and anything else that merits posting in this cyber collection of stuff.

Please read The First Post for an even deeper reflection of the essence of The Heap.

About the author (or heapmaster, if you will):

The author is a recent newcomer to the real world. He attended the University of Notre Dame and graduated in 2008 with a degree in English, and has no immediate “future plans” for his life. For now, he works as a patient advocate by day, helping individuals below the poverty line get medication at no cost. It’s rewarding but at the same time humbling. If you are reading this now, then you are luckier and healthier than most.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

By night, he exchanges white collar for blue, the comforts of an office for the pungent aromas of sweat, and stacks of papers and folders for a heap of trash. It isn’t the most fun job, but it lets you experience how tough it is for most people. Plus it pays pretty well.

The author was born and raised in Tampa, FL. He embraces his Puerto Rican heritage, but has only recently come to fully understand the value of this. He is a practicing Catholic, but loves to consider the intricacies of other religions and spiritual viewpoints. Hockey is his favorite sport, though baseball is his favorite to play. He is messy, unorganized, but funny and genuine. He is shy, but outgoing at the same time. Playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero is perhaps the greatest pastime for him. He considers himself average in most aspects, but when it comes to arcade basketball, he cannot be beaten.He considers artistic expression in any form to be the greatest and most distinguishing aspect of the human race, be it music, literature, dance, theatre, or painting. He is in love.

He also hates writing about himself, but it had to be done. And apparently, he loves writing in the third person.

As for (possible) future aspirations: I am considering graduate school for a Master in Public Health or Health Administration, while fulfilling pre reqs for pharmacy school. Another viable option would be to teach. I can see myself doing this as well. And of course, there is always law school. But for now I’m more than content saving up, paying what has to be paid, and making my little dent in the world.

4 Responses

  1. I think I’m in love. You play Guitar Hero?!!


  2. Long time fan of the Heap master! Excellent writing skills it was all worth. Your movie reviews are excellent for those of us whom do not understand what half of these movies are all about. From personal ewxperience with the writer.Great Job! Keep it up.By the way I don’t know how I got here,but I really like the pictures.Can you do this in Spanish?????


  3. Well thank you very much! I always appreciate hearing from heapsters!

    I’ve thought about doing entries in different languages. It would definately help me practice! Spanish is do-able, though I would need an appropriate topic, perhaps something about Puerto Rico or Cuba, performers, or movies/music.

    Keep the ideas coming!

  4. Hello the heapblog:

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    There are no foreseeable risks to participation in the study. Although some of the questions are personal in nature, participation in the study provides an opportunity to think about the role that your blog plays in your life.

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    Leora Trub, M.A.
    Doctoral student in Clinical Psychology
    Graduate School of the City University of New York
    365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016-4309

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